So sick of bugs!!

So sick of spending time messing around in a tag lobby only to find out the car in 1st place cannot be tagged, rams into walls, and acts like a drivitar trying to get somewhere! Without a time limit either it can be a serious annoying waste of time! What is going on turn 10 doesn’t seem like you’re all clued up one bit!! Why still more than one month after initial release have these things still got mountains of bugs!! Come onnnn!!!

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Anyone else having these issues in the tag (infected) lobby’s?

I’m also tired of bugs myself but I am a game developer so I no what turn ten is dealing with. I’ve never used anything like they have for games but I still know.

I’ve not had that bug myself. Just free play bugs. When I finish a race in it the HP and pi are changed to the car I just used . this needs fixing, since I always keep mine on any all of those rules I keep on any.

Ouch, really don’t believe the amount of bugs in this game still over a month after launch, bet they’re already making forza 8 though!