So if U rent a car you get no CR at all?

Is this correct??

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correct. it skips the credits and xp scene post race

Maybe they should change “Rental” to “Extortion”. Other games like Dirt Rally etc take a cut of your winnings which is basically how the rental system works an outright fee or cut. 100% is excessive.

It would only be “extortion” if they were charging you cr to use the car and not giving you a pay out. But they are not…so, yeah. It gives you an opportunity to drive any car for free so i think its a good feature.

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except in rivals you still get credits and xp , because you are forced to use a rental

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Probably where I got confused because I was sure I had used rental before. I wanted to run a 120 lap race in the Charger and when setting up the race I thought maybe do a quick race to get used to the car, .8 laps it finished and I clicked Restart Race and it skipped the screens and back to the race. So I tried again.

A: I would’ve thought you already knew this.

B: You’re at driver level 900, are you short on credits?

C: So long as you are playing the game, I think that you should be earning something but T10 thinks differently. You used to be able to hire a driver and get 50% so driving a rental should let you earn about the same.

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A. No

B. No, But a 120 lap race for nothing at all would have been a bit of a shock I had only suffered previously thanks to CTD’s

C. Exactly. You cant modify, tune etc a rental so it doesn’t remove any incentive(once unlocked) to buy the car. I would expect to pay something and have no issue doing so but as stands refer to B.

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