So, I did a thing...a thing I said I wouldn't do

So…I’ve been so board with FH5 and other stuff in general, I went and bought a PS5 just to play Gran Turismo…I haven’t started yet, as it’s still downloading stuff.

I did this once before, bought into MS and a Xbox one just to play Forza, until it released on the PC…I’m ashamed it’s come to this.

I hope gt has become better. I stopped playing it after launch because it had become a cashgrab. Gt has wheels pins, similar to Forza, but if you thought forzas wheelspins are crap just wait til you see how bad GT’s are. If you wanted to buy the most expensive car in the game you would have to grind the race with the highest payout for 20 hours (almost twice what it would take in gt sport to get the same). Or you could spend real money to buy the cars. But with their new money system for buying cars with real cash caars that cost 5$ to buy in gt sport cost 40$ to buy with real money. Because of this obvious attempt to just rip as much money out of the pockets of its playerbase I refuse to play Gran Turismo any more. Even if they have fixed their economy. They had their chance and they screwed up. I did the same with no man’s sky and cyberpunk. Apparently they’re both good games now, but I’ll never know.

Yeah, so how about that cafe menu system and Sunday cup in a Dodge Viper? :smile:

I’m still not even slightly tempted.

It’s just a different way to push the player to the next event, actually not much different than the older GTs. I have a bigger issue with some of the prices of cars (and the reasoning behind it). That being said, I have no regrets buying it so far. The driving seems more stable than FM at this point aaannndd I get to use 2 Detomaso cars that Forza doesn’t have. The MXT stuff is avoidable if you know what/where to race. In fact, most of the prices of cars in the Legendary Showroom aren’t that bad, it’s a handful of super rare stuff that you wouldn’t race much anyways.

Other than that, AI (even outside of Sophy) are pretty decent at driving and avoiding as long as you don’t push too hard and they aren’t so bad as FM. The races being staggered rolling starts instead of being set at the starting line is more annoying.

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