So are the Drift tracks ever going to be updated?

So we got one new location in F7… And now its looks like the limited amount of tracks in drift lobby will never be updated like the older games and its getting SO boring , Rio has some really good alternate routes not used, Spa etc , but no all the lil silvia/240 ‘one car wonders’ want play boring Brands Hatch over and over

Drifting is not my thing but I know others enjoy it. I like the drags even though it needs a little work I would like to see the Rivals updated with a bit more variety. Drift or Drags it doesn’t take long to wear thin with only a few options.

Hate to say it, but there are about a million other gameplay/content issues that need to be fixed before the addition of another venue for vehicular figure skating.


Sadly I agree, though it shouldbe brought to light at the same time. It’s not just drifting that’s effected too. Forza’s algorithm on choosing tracks seems to favour those with more ribbons so races in general get stale as the same tracks re-occur constantly.

I think voting for tracks of the hopper would be a good idea, especially considering they’re being released sporadically.

If every variation had equal odds of coming up then that’s how it would be. What if it was random on the location first, and then once that’s established, random on the course within it?


can’t you set up private multiplayer races to use ANY tracks for drifting ???
invite your drifting buddies in and do it
I don’t know…I have absolutely no interest in drifting