Snow sparks issue on Series S

I’ve already played on PC, Xbox One S and One X, and everything looks great there. But on the Series S, the snow just flashes terribly on the ground. A kind of sparks, or texture issues?
Would be great if that was fixed at some point.

Thats how it looks in real life


I know how they look in real life, but the optimized version for series s is not a bit of it. The sparkles are so much more/bigger, and look unnatural compare to the one x and one s

I’m not even sure what I’m supposed to be looking at there.

I will make a video about it

xbox one s/x
series s

If you see it while playing it’s much more blinking

Here is a video too, twitter video xbox series s fh4

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yeah looks bit strange

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It appears more if there’s day/sunlight
At nights it’s a bit less, but noticable.

Looks bad, should be a 30 minute fix.

I see, that does look terrible I agree.


Its same on SeriesX

zooming in photomode on windfarm shows same white rectangles

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ok in the dark it’s extreme

it looks ‘ok’ in the scaled down image without hdr but it’s discomode or something
a big circle ~20m around the car and everything is sparkling

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It appears mostly at daylight, or even if there is light shining on it.

The other Xbox versions looked normal, for me this it not it should look like.

Does anyone know if this is getting fixed anytime soon as it is still a thing months after an initial post…
I switched from One X to Series X and it’s really an eye sore especially on a OLED TV! Which is a shame as I like everything else on it, but this sparkle is weird and off-putting.

I hate to drive in Winter on the Series X because of the ugly snow

I didn’t notice the sparkly gold snow in the last winter season except for when I jumped to the Lego DLC where I honestly thought it was just something unique to Lego…I haven’t seen this effect before on the mainland during winter seasons.

Also Trees and Objects are extremely flackering since a short time on Xbox Series X.
Something is really wrong with the Graphic, it looks stranger than before.

Blizzard Mountain on Horizon 3 has the same Snow Bug as Horizon 4.
I think the Forza engine can’t handle the game pretty well on the Xbox Series X Console, because it’s the Same since Horizon 2.