Sluisbang is hooked on forzatography

this whole photography thing has just become an obsession the last week.
here’s some photos I took last night. I touched some of them up in lightroom for realism.

also why is my account under moderation? new user?

took a few pictures this morning post-rain, playing with the lens flares from the setting sun. love my S2 tuned R8!!

Really like the 5th from your first set.
Sunlight caught in the last set also nice, especially the last shot

hey thanks! i’ve been really enjoying myself so its good to know someone else likes my stuff too haha.

Love the F-Type shots and that second RS6 shot looks great too!

The two F-Type shots are nice!

thanks guys! yeah the jag really is a beautiful car. plus it’s fast as hell haha

I like the composition and colour tones in this shot.