Slow cars??

Anybody else having a problem with cars not working the way they should, I’ve got a couple A class cars that don’t work properly. I know what your thinking but hear me out. Me and a friend 1st noticed it with my civic type R, had about 100 more HP than his at 380 and his at 280ish. His car destroys mine on a straight, then after numerous different setups, I said what the hell, and made my civic identical to his. Every stat was identical and the tunes were stock. Again his car walks on mine with ease and gets several lengths. I don’t get it. Like I said I’ve got a couple other A class cars doing this too.

Are your difficulties all set the same as well
Assisted braking will slow you down heaps

Did you both have the same assists enabled/disabled? Were you both using the same transmission setting?

If you were both using the same assists and manual transmissions, he may have just been shifting more efficiently.


Driving aids, manual w/clutch, starting technique…

Automatic v manual or even manual v manual with clutch

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I appreciate the replies, I use all restrictions off with manual no clutch, he uses the same, It was vastly and noticeably slower, we are talking like 10 car lengths before even getting close to the end of the run way

My cousin and myself were noticing the same thing.
We were doing various bucket list events and the special train race and boat race events and every time my car would be slightly faster than his.
Off the starting block or side by side on a staight away my car was just a little faster.

The major difference between us is I am playing on PC using a PS4 controller with DS4windows to make it work as a 360 controller and he is on Xbone.

If you build a civic wrong, it’s garbage.

If you shift a civic too early, it’s garbage.

Outside of that, it might be deadzone related (doubtful). Pretty odd though.

Bring up telemetry to make sure you are getting 100% throttle?

Your mate’s Civic must have a Monster decal on it.

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It’s the racing stripes.

But no, nothing really off here. It’s about starting skill, effective shifting, even the surface you drive on. Your mate just has the skill down to a T, apparently.

You need the Vtech stickers obviously

Red Ones go fasta!

Your rims aren’t painted a fluorescent colour, that’s your problem.