SlippinTarmac Photography

I only have a few pics of my cars, but I wanna share it with you guys and tell me what you think of my photo shoots.

RX-7 FD Keisuke Takahashi

Honda S2K CR Brake

R32 Highway Pulls

R32 Finish Line in the rain

R32 at night 1

R32 at night 2

Ferarri Guardrail Drift 1

Ferrari Guardrail Drift 2

Devil Z


Keisuke Takahashi 4th-5th Stage

Wasn't me.
I added more new images here.



R34 2


037 Golf Club

037 Golf Club 2




S15 Harbor

S15 Harbor 2

Evo 6 Dirt

Evo 6 Backfire

Evo 6 Cruise

Evo 6 2

Thank You!

Some nice shots you did.
I like the drifting Ferrari! Makes me wanna play Horizon again.
The last shot is quite funny ^^

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My personal favourite has to be this one.