SLI Support

Haven’t seen mention of this yet, and given its going to run on the xbox app and UWP I don’t even think those softwares know what SLI is yet.

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would be nice to see sli/crossfire support , but chances are its too much of a niche market for the developers to put time in to making it work .

acording to Microsoft’s Xbox and Windows gaming boss Mike Ybarra
“SLI and Crossfire work, games just need to support it just as always. We will fix vsync.”^tfw

my prediction is performance similar quantum break.

Thanks for the link drop. I love that back and forth, Like the UWP supports it, the devs just have to enable it. and then all the games that come out for UWP are missing SLI support. To my knowledge, SLI has been around since 2003, and a mixed group of people take advantage of SLI, including myself, for various reasons. In my case, I was running a single GTX 970 for a long while, And instead of buying a $700 980ti to balance out my games and get up past that 60FPS mark, I did research on 970 SLI and the results were nearly identical to the 980ti when not utilizing that big extra Vram bank. and saved myself about $400 in the process by buying another 970 for $300. And I know quite a few other people, in my personal circle and in the main stream scene who regularly take advantage of SLI. But it seems that when these types of platforms come along. the responsibility of SLI just kind of falls to the wayside, or gets thrown around between game dev and service dev. I personally see SLI as valid a platform to optimize for as any other tier of video card user. For me it sounds like it will mean the difference between a choppy 30 - 60FPS on lower GFX setting experience, or a solid 60FPS on highest quality, a la GTAV.

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i would love for forza apex to take full advantage of the hardware available . sli scaling can be great if implemented well with cooperation between developer and nvidia/amd.

i could see this whole unified windows platform / xbox games on pc disappearing quick . interest from developers will disappear quickly . the extra work required to suit so many hardware configs is something they probably don’t want to do and is very time consuming , that’s what consoles were made for, big user base all the same hardware

sent out a tweet like to see if i get any reply.
needs to be re tweeted to @turn10 i forgot to add them.

just noticed new nvidia drivers optimized for forza apex open beta . version 365.10 no mention of sli support

SLI/CF has been hit and miss since forever. I cant count the number of games I had to try to find a custom SLI bit for a new release, or because it worked better than what Nvidia offered.
You are always, 100% better off with a single more powerful GPU than SLI/CF.

Gears just got SLI support btw.


I know the obvious benefits of a single card compared to two equally powerful SLI cards, but like I said I would up saving around $400 going with SLI and for the games that support it I get that utilization. The argument and standpoint I would make especially in the case of this game is that their performance recommendations are in the upper tier of Video card requirements, and many people have adapted SLI to meet those performance standards (barring utilization of Vram potential while not going over 1080p).

I would say in my case, its kind of a best case scenario for an SLI user in that one of my cards can meet the minimum specs while both exceed it, and I’m expecting to be able to utilize both. but for people with SLI configurations like 2 960s or 3 750tis or 2 r9 270s, who utilize multiple cards to achieve that minimum performance rating, theyre effectively out of the loop. as you said GOW just got SLI support so at least im hopeful for the future Forza games to come as standard with that support. I just hate that its normally swept under the rug or passed hot potato back and forth from different people.

And tbh if I didn’t have an SLI configuration I wouldn’t be the slightest bit concerned about SLI support in a game, but having it and realizing the benefit it can have and that excluding it is effectively barring off a large portion of the customers from the minimum hardware specs is pretty poor business-ship. Many large games are ducking SLI support for various reasons that they would put blame on other factors which most other publishers and Devs dont incur.

This wasn’t the most concise paragraph but I hope I got my standpoint across that not supporting or acknowledging SLI support is barring off a large portion of your possible consumer bases potential hardware utilization, especially when your specs are as lofty as the top of the top tier hardware.

The benefits are obvious for sure.
I was a SLI user for a long time (RIP my 570’s - such beast cards, so neutered by 1.2GB VRAM).
SLI/CF support comes from AMD/NV at this point.
The problem you will soon begin to see is this support is going to get worse because mGPU support got moved from the driver level away from NV/AMD to being implemented in the DX12 API and now its up to devs to do the job that AMD/NV did. yea, nah…

The only hope mGPU has right now to get bigger is the use in VR (SLIVR/LIQUIDVR) using AFR for each eye.

As exciting as it is to have multi gpu’s in a system, the headache starts to suck when big AAA releases work better with SLI disabled. At the point you waste more time looking for a SLI compatibility bit that works, and even if you do, you never, ever get 100% scaling. If you are ever hovering (and most of the time you will be) around the 50 - 60% scaling, you’re better off with 1 card at 99%.

Hmm this could be an issue for if it’s not supported… Hopefully it is

Thought I’d just jump in here, I’ve currently got a 980ti but originally I was running a 970 and considered getting a second 970 for SLI.
The only reason I went for the more powerful single GPU is because of the stories I’d been reading on various forums about sluggish performance, low FPS and lack of compatibility.
I think currently there’s no real price advantage either 2x970’s will cost you around £500 and you can pick up a 980ti for around £550.

This is a video I watched the other day, to be honest it’s probably not the best example because Codemasters never optimise their PC games very well :slight_smile:

SLI and Crossfire support will get better on Windows 10 eventually but at the moment it’s pretty hopeless.

I certainly wasnt arguing that SLI is better. but the performance specs are near the same for dual 970s and a single 980, but I already had a 970, If I could have sold that 970 for the price I bought it for I would most definitely have paid the extra $100 to get the 980ti. but not being able to sell it mean’t upgrading would cost me a full $700 rather than the $300 I spent on the second card. Situations this are what I like to consider a lot of the SLI community to be in, and its just another choice of hardware configuration, Utilization of that configuration has always been kind of hit and miss for many titles and it would be nice to see it after 10+ years become a kind of standard.

I think I was lucky in that respect, I sold my 970 just before the price started to drop in stores. Unfortunately I was an early adopter of the Strix 980ti so I still ended up shelling out almost £700 for a card that now only costs £550 :slight_smile:

I have a 970 SLI setup coupled with a Intel Core i7-6700K and 32 gb ram, not really having the issues you describe and i haven’t regretted the desicion to go SLI yet.
They will surely enable sli in this title, until then i’m atleast on the recommended spec for it.

The issues are totally dependent on the games you are playing…

The youtube clip referenced is a prime example of completely broken SLI support… 10% on the second card while the first is fully loaded… Yea SLI isnt working at all on that game.

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Yep exactly my point, and the fact is most developers don’t care about SLI. If enough people complain about it after a game launches then maybe it gets added later.

I’ve had 2 gtx780s for a couple of years now for a triple screen set up (5750 x 1080) and i cant imagine trying to do with single card. Just about every decent pc based racing game supports. black Ops 3 does as well. I’m running on Windows 10 as well. Its possible that dx12 may cause issues, but as you start thinking about 4k - maybe in triples you will be hard pressed to get that from a single card.

There’s only really 3 cards at the moment that can really manage that level of performance on there own. AMD R9 Fury X, 980ti and Titan X. As for DX12 it looks like the Fury X has the other two beat.

Only thing that’s going to beat the Fury X at the moment is the Radeon Pro Duo but it really is crazy money and because it’s affectively two cards in crossfire it’ll suffer with the whole dual GPU issue that seems to be plaguing DX12/win10 at the moment.

tried the open beta , no sli support . but it runs very well 4k single 980 ti everything set to highest apart from depth of field . not sure on framerate i cant measure it , but feels very smooth .
load times are insanely fast compared to the xbox . the best looking racer on the pc hands down.

A lot of misinformation on here about SLI and how it works. Firstly SLI has nothing to do with what OS you’re on, Win7, Win8 and Win 10 have the same support because it’s down to the SLI profiles being available in drivers from your GPU manufacturer. Also pretty much all developers do care about SLI support and at least with Nvidia new drivers with SLI profiles are released days ahead of major game releases. Even games in early access get SLI support. Assetto Corsa, Project CARS, Dirt Rally and others have had SLI support from early on in development way before v1.0 release.

Most games that don’t get SLI suppport are direct ports, the F1 and FIFA series being examples. These are games that developers don’t care about spending much time with, just turning them around to make a quick profit on another platform. However they are of such low requirements that one decent GPU has plenty of overhead. I run FIFA 16 at 4K on max settings, and one GTX980 floats around at 50-60% usage.

We all need to remember this is currently a free Beta on day one and important functions will be added later on, things such as wheel support come to mind. SLI isn’t too far off I’m sure as there’s already a Nvidia optimization profile within the 365.10 drivers.

All that being said if you are running at 1080p or 1440p a single strong GPU is preferable to two weaker dual GPUs. But if you are running 4K or triples and want to max out quality settings on current titles the only current route to take is a multi-card setup.

Not True with DX12 as it was moved from the drivers to the DX12 API so its up to devs to implement now, not NV/AMD.

That’s true, DX12 allows for multi GPUs to work together even if they are different models or brands if coded for by devs. But the topic was SLI, not DX12 implementation. Being a DX12 title it’ll be great if we can see that multi GPU support for Apex down the road.

Do you know if traditional SLI profiles can still be used in conjunction with DX12 through drivers? Haven’t been able to find any info on that.