Sli support on pc

I’ve got 970 sli and a 120hz monitor. i run on medium settings and get about 100fps with the game using 1 gpu.
I would love to max out the game but i’m also limited by the amount of vram i have.
With DX12 you should in theory be able to make a game use all the gpus you have available in your pc in parallel (non sli) cross brands, models, and even igpu, and utilize the vram of all of them as a bigger capacity memory resource. And have each gpu being used like a multicore cpu. I have yet to see this possibility taken advantage of anywhere. closest being a mining rig i guess.
But i also want the regular SLI support. Not everyone is running a 60hz monitor. Not everyone is running a 2080ti either. it’s way expensive. costs as much as a friggin car.

DX12 is not a problem for SLI, see how good it works on Tomb Raider… I supose is thing of Microsoft Store, any of games theres works with SLI… And say that is really ridiculous! Microsoft, the owner of Windows system, and not having the most powerfull platform for games with latest technologies is ridiculous.

I have also 1080ti SLI, and 144hz monitor 3840x1080 and i have to play it with a variable framerate, and it sucks.

I think is not a development thing… but could be great if dev team, could answer our question.

Yeah I agree, Its a shame Microsoft put their name on a product and yet doesn’t use Dx12 M-GPU that they pushed on us for awhile there. I got SLI to scale real good in FH4, but I can not get the flickering to go away, On top of Nvidia and their crap drivers lately.

I have to use 399.24 just to get playable smooth FPS in FH4, any of the 4xx.xx drivers cause a number of display issues for me in FH4 and other games.

At 2560x1440 is playable on a single overclocked GTX 1070 with everything maxed out, get anywhere from high 50s to 70s while driving around, not bad but it’ll be nice to get at least close to 144fps mark, be nice if my 2nd would kick in.