Skoda Octavia 1996-2004

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Skoda Octavia (1st generation)


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Vrs 1.8t


As a Czech, i would love to see first gen Škoda Octavia (RS version if it would be possible) in the game and Škodas in general. Why isn’t this car brand in the game already when we have almost all of the ordinary car manufacturers in the game? Their 90s cars were really cool and are tuner legends here in Czech Republic. A slight issue i’m expecting is that if the first gen Škoda Octavia will make it into the game, devs are not gonna put any aftermarket body parts, because most of the aftermarket body parts are mostly made by a less known aftermarket body parts producers from what i know. I hope if that will be the case, we will get custom Forza body parts or a widebody kit at least. And its not like with the Fiats, Citroens or Lancias. The owning company of Škoda is Volkswagen which is already in the game. I do not know how it is with the licensing but i believe there are no licensing problems with Škodas. We should’ve seen Škodas in the game a long time ago, and i believe the only reason why there arent Škoda cars in the game is mainly the reason that compared to brands like Volkswagen or Renault this brand is kind of unknown and nobody except the Czechs would care when it will get added into the game. Down below is an image of modded and stock first gen Škoda Octavia so i hope i will raise the interest at least by a bit.


I would like to have in forza Škoda Octavia I 1997-2004