Skipping Early Races

Is there any way to skip the initial races when you first start the game up. I use a Thrustmaster 458 Spyder wheel but cannot get it calibrated since I cannot get into the Options screen. I tried using LB,RB,Y and B but have no luck. Seems stupide too me you have to race before you set up your wheel. I have Forza 5, Forza 2 Horizon and Project Cars and none of them required you to race first then set up you wheel. I’ve tried using the controller but am no good using it.

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Nope, not that I have found. You gotta run’em as is.

Start Engine button is the same as the pad on controller, so you use north, east, west and south on that button to navigate.

I thought that was the case. I was just getting ready to go in and say disregard my post as I finally got through all of the races and am now in the full game. Thanks anyway for your replies.

My question is, why do I remember FORZA 5 letting you advance in career with a silver or bronze trophy and in 6, you have to have gold…some tracks are tough and 6th is the best I can do…

I also have a hard time understanding why Forza 6 was designed that way. It does make it hard to finish on a podium, maybe they think any one who buys it is an advanced driver.

Why not just do the first race with the controller?

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I agree that top 3 is kind of hard with 24 cars at start.
After some time, you will have mods that make it easier to get a small advantage. But there is also a non consistent drivatar level that make it sometimes hard to stay in leader group.
I had to say that I sometimes used 0% drivatar bonus and restart some races, but I was never stuck on a specific race (I am currently in 3rd championship of third career volume > so I did 40 to 50 races)

well, I finally figured out to lower the drivatar level one notch…

so now it is still a challenge but attainable…

The other thing I don’t like is in 5 you could go back to see your record and it said, for example, 7 gold wins on the series box…

This game doesn’t do that…

Since Forza recognizes that I’m a “veteran” please for Forza 7, allow us to configure controllers from the start.
We should be able to just load those settings in from the previous game.
Seems like I go thru this every iteration of Forza, but forget all about it until the next time… which is why this doesn’t get complained about enough.

It just makes for a bad first experience and impression, having to fight with the default controller settings, and still be forced to get above 3rd place, and … not be able to quit out of the intro circuits is really bad… (After a bit, you get used to it, you have no choice, but thats not the point). Having to listen to every voice intro for every click… its insufferable for “veterans” How about a veteran option as soon as the game loads for the first time? Please consider these things.

Its the lack of small details dotted around like that which stand out in such a beautiful and great feeling game.

Yes, I find the inability to skip the prolog races very frustrating…I almost beat the first one and got wrecked and had no more rewind. An option to go to the main menu would be very much appreciated. I too was trying the Trustmaster 458 spider and I felt like I couldn’t control the car. Ended up going back to the controller. I’m considering returning it. I have no such problems with my G27 that I use on the PC and even the cheapo wheel I used on the 360 felt more in control. Perhaps the lack of FF. I may need to bite the bullet and get a higher end wheel.

Make sure your Trustmaster 458 spider is calibrated