Idk If I missed something but I was on Byron bay level 3 before this problem occurred. I completed a championship which earned me enough fans to expand but I didn’t and instead raced the train in the “Freight expectations” showcase and I earned enough fans to expand again. I expanded to level 4 but I can’t expand to 5

Did I miss something

Don’t the showcases only unlock after a festival expansion?


Same problem herre.

Earned fans for two festival expansions in a row without expanding any festival in between.

Afterwards I only got one festival expansion, giving the impression that expansion oppurtunities do not stack if left unused. This is a confusing and serious (potential) bug that should be addressed immediately, because it (potentially) adversely affects countless hours of playthrough.

Customer service: Address this promptly or I’m demanding a full refund.


Like that’s going to expedite a fix. . .assuming that it’s ultimately not user error. I’m not even sure you have legal standing to demand a refund at this point beyond whatever retailer you chose to purchase your copy from.

Even if you do, it’s a silly premise. One, you admittedly chose to ignore the game’s direction to upgrade a festival upon earning sufficient fans. Two, let’s not exaggerate the consequences of expansions not stacking. Earning enough fans for a festival expansion at most took me about an hour, and that was with my OCD propensity of restarting races when I initiated an avoidable collision with a drivatar. Three, you can complete all the festival expansions and still not achieve 100% game completion.

Relax and go play the game.


It’s going to expedite a refund if it does not expedite a fix. Either way I’m satisfied. That’s the idea behind the demand.

There is no reason why such a central part of the game mechanic like festival expansions should not stack without any warning and possibility of recourse. I think it is reasonable to assume that the lack of stacking is indeed either a bug or an unintended design feature, not something the developers actually want paying customers to be exposed to.

It is neither a legal demand, but rather a consumer demand. Any professional manufacturer or re-seller recognizes the principle of “the customer is always right”, within reason. Because it is in their own self-interest as a thriving business. Lose a couple of bucks, but gain the favor of the consumer. Consumers with friends and acquaintances, whom they play games with and whom they recommend games to.

I am relaxed, by the way.

So your idea of a consumer demand ‘within reason’ is to hinge a refund ultimatum on Turn 10/Microsoft committing resources to remedying a gameplay issue that hasn’t been widely corroborated and doesn’t terminally affect your ability to play?

If you had issues with the game continually crashing or refusing to boot, I’d be the first to tell you to pursue a refund because those issues utterly impede your ability to derive enjoyment or use from what you paid for. Festival upgrade stacking doesn’t. It’s annoying and admittedly ridiculous if it does turn out to be an oversight in the game mechanics, but can be reliably worked around and becomes immaterial after all your sites are upgraded anyway.

A hasty trade-off if you’re otherwise enjoying the game if you ask me, especially since this isn’t the proper channel for game support. But it’s your world.


Turns out that the showcase event after the non-stacking expansion alone, singlehandedly, earned enough fans for another festival expansion. Could this be how the game mechanic reimburses the missing festival expansion, or is this part of the ordinary game progression?

Its part of the ordinary game progression

So you got all upset for nothing after all


Take it easy, captain Hindsight.

Actually, in that case there is no catch-up in terms of expansions and thus still a valid concern. Check your logic.

Ok then I’ll set up a new profile and deliberately skip upgrades and see what happens
Pretty sure your fans get frozen until you actually do the upgrade or showcase event so you wont lose anything
Will report back when I’ve done it

Also if you read what it says at the top of the screen it tells you require however many fans to unlock a showcase then after that it says however many fans to upgrade a festival site
There’s no bug or error
No hindsight either…it’s written there in front of you
But i will test it anyway when its just to upgrade a festival site and see what happens

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ok so i did it

had enough fans to do a festival expansion, ignored it, got enough to do a showcase, did that, so had enough for another festival expansion, went and expanded it, then went and expanded it again so they do stack , you dont lose them and you cant miss out on them…there is nothing wrong with the game on this issue

so i had 2 expansions stacked and was able to expand twice immediately after each other so you cant lose them , so no bug or error in any way
i was going to ignore and get enough again but ran out of time

i think the OP is getting confused with the fans to open a showcase not to expand a site, and then when you do do a showcase you get enough fans to open a site
just need to look what you are in fact earning fans towards as it is not always a festival expansion until you have finished all the showcases


In any case this was informative. Thanks. Still I’m quite sure I got two festival expansions (not showcases, not new festival openings) in a row and was still only able to do only one expansion. In my case expansions did not stack. Memory could decieve me of course but i was pretty clear minded and observant about what was going on at the time. And I had a clear idea about the difference between showcases, festival expansions and festival openings.

If this is the case, you’ll reach 25 million fans and will have 2 level 5 festivals and 2 level 4 festivals, or 3 at 5 and 1 at 3. Let us know when you get there.

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Thanks for clearing that up. I’ve already upgraded all of my sites and wasn’t terribly interested in droning through the start for a new profile to verify whether or not it was an actual problem.

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Ok, it’s been a while since I reached level 5 on all four festivals. Reaching 25 million fans unlocked the last festival upgrade, bringing all festivals to level 5.

Others who encounter the problem of missing festival expansions thus probably don’t need to worry about it. It seems to even itself out somehow, probably by requiring less fans for one of the subsequent expansions.

Off topic, Forza 3 turned out to be a great game. I’ve had so many great and atmospheric driving experiences. Still playing it after all the showcases and expansions.

You cant skip them
They bank so you can do upgrade 2 at once if you wanted to

Same thing happened to me. I kept playing and it all worked out in the end. You can still fully upgrade all festival sites.