Skill Headache

It’s fixed is it not?

That’s like saying I should get free petrol for life because I used to work for Shell…


LOL, no, they couldn’t.

Wait what is the deal with being upset about having to reapply all of those perk points? The rewards page saved the number of masteries you had even when the points were reset, so that is not an issue. The reset let us get more money, wheelspins, cars, and influence from skill trees. I don’t see a big downside besides loosing all of the work it took to max out a lot of cars. And I had like three masteries so the extra points just let me max out cars whenever without worrying about not being able to afford more perks.

I also understand that having to reapply all of those perk points is immensely annoying, but you really don’t have to unless you want the extra rewards like influence, wheelspins, etc.

I’m sorry if I’m being ignorant of something or I just don’t see the reason. I’m just confused.

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Maybe because you don’t realise that playing a game means earning points, money, and prizes, and being given them isn’t playing any sort of a game.

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So getting rid of the extra points by putting them into cars would allow people to earn the points again and then apply those to cars that they haven’t worked on, thus making them feel accomplished that they earned their own rewards, but instead of fixing the perk trees themselves or implementing a way to quickly apply all points to a car, PG just gave us points that go above the limit and now people can’t earn anymore and feel accomplished? Sorry about the huge and slightly confusing sentence, but I think I see why this was such a big deal now.

Thanks for explaining a bit.

Not regretting my decision to suspend the update until after the fix at all.

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Anyone else find it ironic that these people are complaining about not being able to get more skill points, while having more skill points than they can ever spend?


I see their old skill points returned, and their new points lost, and thousands of button clicks.

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Because we can count? Sorry, points were mine. And when I am able to earn more I want them too. It’s part of the game economy. Maybe many people play for fun but not everybody plays for fun and doesn’t care about anything :smiley: It’s really complex game and if you are into it everything counts.

Here is what is bad about the situation:

  1. The amount of time needed to reapply the perks; time that had already been invested.
  2. The amount of time needed to find and delete all the duplicate cars that are won in the wheel spins. (In fairness, not all the wheel spins would need to be re applied, if the player already has the achievement and the Tier level requirement of 50 cars fully equipped. However, due to arrangement of perks, some would need to be repurchased in order to make other perks available )
  3. The fact that we cannot accumulate more points until we spend down enough points.

Keep in mind that these perks were not all applied at the same time, but rather over a 7-8 month period of time. Now we have the choice of not playing the game while we reapply the perks or not accumulating additional points.

It is hardly a case of ‘why do you need more if you can’t spend what you have.’ It is more the case of finding the time to spend the points. Clearly if we had used that many before, we have the ability to re-spend them.

Again, it is a major issue to have to chose between playing the game or having to spend many hours redoing what we already had done.

Imagine this scenario: An update is put out there that completly wipes out all of your $$, your cars and your accomplishments. Now imagine if the solution was to give you an equivalent amount of $$, but you still had to go back and buy the cars (many of which may have been won, or purchased at a reduced rate from the AH), and redo all of your achievements. This is exactly what happened in this case with the perks being wiped.

At the very least, the 999 ceiling needs to be eliminated to even come close to making us whole again.

I like how you try and equate this situation to lost credits, but’s it’s not as integral as credits. It’s just skill points.


Luckeydoug1 - Your assessment and position on this situation - IS BANG ON !!!

Clutch63 - What does that comment even mean? There are two currencies in this game - skill points and credits - both are equally essential for players to advance and succeed in the game.


As far as skill points as a currency, you got some credits and chance at credits in wheelspin perks, now you get them all over again.

Sure, had the perks not been removed to begin with, you had a little more boost to level up rewards, but I’d imagine that’d be miniscule compared to unlocking loads of perks for a second time.

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After 6 months of playing this game most players will tell you they have money balances (credit balances) that are bigger than they need and garages that need to be purged regularly to stay below the 750 car maximum.

I have played the game for 6 months. Returning my 26,000 mastery points for me to reallocate to 260 cars will take me - at 3 minutes a car, 13 hours to get me back to where I was before the PG error. The only thing I have to gain is making some money - lets assume 10 million - so I will go from 110 million to 120 million - so I don’t need money with the balance I have.

The cars that I get with the new wheelspins - I will already have in my 743 car garage. Maybe I’ll get 5 or 10 cars that I don’t already have…maybe. I now need purge these cars as soon as I get them as I don’t have the room.

I already had the perks. They are no longer perks if they are duplicate cars and a small percentage increase in an already bloated bank account.

And the only things those perks can get you is more credits, which you say you don’t need, and more cars, which you say you already have too many of. Yet you are complaining about not having the perks.


And after all that, with nothing to gain, and no use for existing, much less future potential earnings from dispensing all those perks again, there’s really no point to having the perks any longer as they do nothing to make a car handle better, or go faster. And the game play is still the same.


Just use up the skills you have it took me over 3 hrs to add mine back to cars again think off the extra wheelspins and level ups you will get from it then once you do that you will be happy

I remember searching for Senna in the wrong list, and not knowing there were 3 lists, and if I had have seen one I would have bought it, so anyone could have bought these cars.

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