Single Player Free Play Issue : AI Drivers always use only stock painting

Hi there,

I experienced that in single Player free Play mode the AI Cars only use stock painting, although Drivatar Designs are turned ON under Race Options.

This is only in Free Play mode.
If I do the exact same race (same cars, same track) under carrer mode , all cars have community drivatar designs, if i try it in Single Player Free Play mode only stock coloured cars are visible.

I tried many different cars and classes , always with the same result.

Makes Free Play mode Kind of boring. Just played a race in Formula Mazda : All Drivatar Cars were yellow with #2 on them. Then I tried using Formula Mazda in a carrer mode race : All Drivatar Cars used different designs.

I know many Players experienced this, but I’ve never seen a Reply by Turn 10 in a Forum.

(Playing Forza 7 on XBOX ONE X)