Single player/Driver liveries.

Posted this before but it got removed/replaced without notification.

Issue is that in SP my drivatars do not have custom liveries after the patch, even though I’ve had them on in the settings.

'sup with that and who else has got this ? On xboxone btw…

I didn’t know there was a patch, but yeah, the exact same thing is happening to me. It’s annoying when half the cars in the race are the exact same color.

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I seem to get a load of dull grey cars, or mostly all red

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Wasnt removed or replaced
Its still there
You just need to look under your “my topics”

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Thanks for the heads up.

Yes same thing, in SP, the opponent drivatars are without liveries. Even if in options it is turned to on. Anybody able to help? Is it a Turn 10 bug?
RJP Racing :_(