Simulation Steering: Speed Sensitive??

I find it the opposite. The controller I prefer sim and don’t have any issues (adjust the deadzones to zero on the sticks), and on the wheel with 900 degrees it’s to difficult. I’m not sure what sim steering is like with 270 it could be a different story. I only use 270 with the E21, Indy and prototype cars. I’ll have to test that out.

I have to disagree with whoever said this. The only reason you don’t want to do this, would be tire wear - and maybe powersliding isn’t the fastest way around the corner.

Look at the effect it even has on the wheels :frowning:

Can we get a fix please?

I used to be very fast in forza 4 in R1. I used SIM steering on a controller with no assists and could balance my Mazda on the edge of traction trailbraking into a corner and toss the wheel left - right accelerating out, sliding the rear end over the corner dots and clipping the dirt as I straightened the car out under WOT pulling in the clutch to grab another gear… I cant or haven’t been able to Re-master that driving style on this game. Entering a counter steer situation, the car either over corrects and shoots off the track or it catches but it’s on a different trajectory through the corner, running wide. Occasionally I get it right and catch a slide but gone are the days of delicately balancing the chassis in a beautiful display of raw talent and emotion. I am a little dissapointed but not broken. Maybe my tune is off. Maybe the controls are a little different. IDK but I will keep pressing on.

Would someone be able to pull my ghost from Nurb, R1 in Forza 4 and send it to me? My 360 is toast… Would be greatly appreciated!


I always used Sim steering with a controller and on Forza 4 moved to csr elite, I liked it with both.

I still use sim steering in f5, but I had to adjust my controller deadzones to 0-100 (except for clutch). I recommend you try this Broken, and see. Many of my friends had to do the same with F5.

Bumping this back up to see if we can get an official response.

I have my deadzones for my brake, throttle, and steering set up so the inside zone is zero, and the outside at 100. This is a good starting point (especially with a new controller with the vibration at its most effective in its lifespan) and you can dial your zones in as you need to. I didn’t like sim steering in FM4, but Forza 5’s I’ve adapted to. I don’t know if I could go back to normal now.

I am using a Thrustmaster fx 458 Italia wheel and am a newbie to Forza. At first I found it almost impossible to keep a decent performance car on the track and could not seem ever to ‘catch’ the rear end when it broke away no matter how quickly or how much wheel I applied. I then switched steering from SIM to normal and things improved a lot. I then reduced lock to lock limit to 600 and set the wheel sensitivity on the FX wheel to level two (two green light flashes). This transformed my lap times and driving. I am now much more able to react to rear end breakaway and am really enjoying the driving. With a wheel, I see no point for SIM whatsoever. P.S I have also put dead zones to 0 and 100 respectively.

I find that surprising^^.

I thought SIM was a specific feature in the game that allowed wheel users to get more out of Forza physics.

Anyway, I like switching between the two every now and then; I’m on a controller.

I must admit, to me Normal feels more natural… SIM seems to give the feeling as if the track is either semi-ice or the tires, front especially, are not connecting with the road surface properly.

I think Normal is the way to go, particularly if you’re on a controller.

Wow what a difference!!!
I have to thank you guys cause after adjusting the deadzone to 0-100 it feels like a new game to me as i was starting to get a little frustrated.

Setting steering to Normal helps tremendously. Though it does make the game painfully easy!

I drift SIM

Steering or controller? I find it to be an absolute blast on the controller, once you understand how the degrees of movement work on an analog stick.

God yes! Thank you for getting the word out about the dead zone adjustment option! I had forgotten. And had almost given up on Forza 5! Just got it a while back on sale and have barely touched it because of that frustrating hiccup! Btw… when you start the career for the 1st time it’s really hard to change any of the settings! It’s a racing game… do we really need all the handholding and being led around?!