Simulation steering is not working correctly

Simulation steering is not removing the physics dampening that is present on normal steering like its supposed to. Normal steering prevents the car from doing rapid weight transitions and slows down the angular momentum of the car to make it more stable and easier to drive. Simulation steering is supposed to remove this filter but its not, you can observe it in action by driving at moderate speed and rapidly steering left and right, observing the gforce in telemetry you can see the cars gforces are interrupted as it is about to rapidly change direction, yaw momentum is interrupted and doesn’t swing freely like its supposed to, exactly the same way it does on normal steering.

As a hard-core wheel player this is a let down because it does not give me full control over the car like its supposed to.

Here is a video highlighting the issue with a comparison to FM7 where it works correctly
Forza Horizon 5 Simulation Steering Doesnt Work Correctly


Interesting. when I use the controller, any speed above 30mph stops me from using more than 30% of the wheel turning radius. When using my steering wheel, I can do use 100% of the turning radius at any speed, Is what you saying that the game is placing a delay in abrupt inputs to steering at higher speeds?

No, this is normal speed sensitivity steering with some friction check steering. Every Forza has it.

Not quite, like turtle said, there are input assists when you use a controller that limits the lock to lock speed and a filter to limit the input based on tyre friction. These input assist are removed when you use a wheel, but there is slso physics based filter that works when using normal steering, simulation steering is supposed to remove it but currently it is not, it is still being assisted

I wanted to talk about it because it’s big issue for me. Main difference from H4 is big input lag on steering and partly normal steering while simulation steering. It’s like playing with new layers and it’s not good. Steering rate is lower too.

H4 was awesome, you had so many control over the car.

i think the first thing i noticed about the game was the steering felt ‘off’, there is a definite lag that i can’t seem to alter in the settings. Don’t know if it’s classed as an improvement with the new steering model but it may take some getting used to.

It’s standard arcade controls. Good thing on Horizon was it looks like arcade but drives like simcade. Not anymore. Current input is too filtered. You have lower steering rate (slower wheel movement], some dampening (input lag before steering starts), gas/brake dampening (you don’t feel car the same as in H4). If you try PC3 or Grid, it’s even worse. Some designers think dumb controls are better controls but it’s not true. You should have a choice like in every Forza. But I always had a problem with approx. double steering rate for countersteering in Forza - strange.

Decrease deadzone to 0. Problem solved.

Also, what should G force be when it works? Using G forces to prove it doesn’t work sounds more like people not knowing what G force is.

When the gforce changes direction it should be fluent, but during moments of angular momentum direction change the angular momentum is interrupted, this is clearly visible in the gforce telemetry and is the result of the physics based assist that is present with normal steering (will make a video to show this for clarity)

Maybe on floating cars. Until we get cars that don’t have any contact with ground we can’t get that.

You clearly don’t understand this man, its already possible in every FM title since FM4. Has nothing to do with floating cars smh.

I feel like playing Grid or PC3. So many overcorrections because I need faster steering. It’s a bit sad after so good H4. Maybe I will go back after some time. It’s not whole normal steering but most of it with lower steering rate. I get it it’s better for casuals but we always had a chance to use pretty good input.

Standard steering makes it harder to do things like scandinavian flick without tuning dampeners. Sim steering allows you to do it even in untuned car.

No it doesn’t, it’s doing the same assistance as normal steering, have a look at the telemetry (gforce) when you try to aggressively flick the car

Yeah theres definitely something wonky going on, especially medium-high to high speed corners without slicks. The car starts to turn just fine but then it sort of stops turning. It feels like the wheels just straighten even when your on full lock, it doesn’t feel like its udersteer, like in some ther arcadey games, but that the wheels just won’t turn more for some reason. However if you’re going downhill you suddenly have a F1 car levels of grip. Most of the time going in to corner it feels like a gamble if the aerodynamics work at all.

What? I use H4 settings. Deadzone is always zero in any Forza, because it doesn’t mean zero. Last Forza with real zero was M2 where you needed it higher because of drifting.

What… that makes no sense man
You play on controller, controller can have mechanical deadzone or even programed deadzone in the firwmware of the controller which is totally separate from the ingame deadzone.

Zero in any Forza means something like 10 in other games. There is no point to have more than zero.

This is simply not true, and besides has no relevance to the topic of this thread regarding simulation steering

Exactly, I don’t understand why anybody asks about it. Zero is standard for many years.