Simlation steering bug - doesn't work. Bug / Tech help

Simulation steering is hardly, if at all, different from normal steering now. I yank the stick to the left, and the driver starts casually turning in that direction. There is no way to actually get him to aggressively cut in, and the feel of the car definitely reflects it. It’s hard to imagine any kind of responsive/reactive maneuvers with this setup, where if you flick the stick left-right-left, there’s a noticeable delay where the driver is like… reacting to your commands as opposed to how your stick used to directly control the steering wheel…

Oh boy, crickets… no one is bothered by this change? Let’s get this added to the known issues list!

Honestly, I’m not sure if I can feel ANY difference at all. If anything, I think it might be better. It feels maybe slightly more responsive, where standard just felt a bit heavier or more delayed. Although, it’s so minor, it might just be a placebo effect, and maybe there is no difference at all.

Also, with what you said about aggressive cutting, EVERY car in this game feels like it understeers beyond what it even would IRL. Like, I swear some cars can’t even make a gradual turn at low speed without plowing into a wall.

Basically, every tune is “try to fix the horrendous understeer”. I don’t think the wheels don’t actually turn fast enough, because it feels about right on a wheel. I think it’s just the actual handling of the cars being wrong.

On the understeer, I’m finding giving a bit more deceleration on front and rear, a bit more on front helps with a lighter throttle on turns.

It’s not the wheels don’t turn fast enough, it’s they actually don’t turn enough. Only FEs get the benefit of wider turning angles if you take a look at how much your wheels turn in chase cam.

I already created a thread on this topic with a video to show how its not working, I have also submitted a ticked

Like Blue028 wrote, we know about it and it’s rather bad. I still have a problem with kind of input lag. On the other hand countersteering rate was always pretty bad in Forza and it’s not so visible now. More direct input in options would be cool.

Not going to happen. The filtered steering input was always part of the Forza brand (Motorsport and Horizon).

Except that horizon 4 on simulation was way less buffered, to the point of feeling almost like raw input. It has not even been close to “always like this” because some small amount of buffering being present is nothing compared to this new model which doesn’t even seem to be working as intended, because they still include both normal and simulation options - why?

Why H4 has less filtered input? Next Forza will have autosteering on simulation?

Yeah, seems like they toned down sim steering for FH5 to make it even more filtered than before.
It works quite well with a gamepad. But even on the controller I noticed right away that sim steering had more filtering going on.
I wonder how it looks when you use a steering wheel set to 360° and yank it fast from left to right. I guess, by the time you’ve finished the input on your wheel, the ingame wheel (and tyres) is just half way through the movement…

What? Every Forza is for 4 years and H4 is still alive.

I still can’t fully work with huge input lag. It’s sad.