Should ESL take over the leagues?

I have come to the conclusion that if t10 are going to contniue to neglect the leagues that ESL would do a better job. If esl were in charge of subbmitting the setting to t10 on a weekly basis the leagues would be much better thought out. No more tracks with out pis stop but with 1 quick stop., no more 2 lap races with 1 quick stop. No more 6 lap nurb ring full in the wet. I could go on but anyone who’s played the leagues knows that each week there is a new blunder simply because someone hasn’t the time to think it through. Not only that I belive esl would be much better at getting the community involved in things like track and car selection.

If it truly is as simple as an esl staff member sending a detailed email to a t10 staff member to implement a commuity chosen league then it’s going to be a winner imo


Sounds good to me. If it’s as easy as that, then dedicated time for leagues, track and distance selection as well as point system should show vast improvement.

Literally anyone taking over the leagues would be an instant improvement over what’s there right now.


IMO leagues are a massive failure. People want to race how they want to race. People won’t be shoe horned.

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I couldnt disagree more. “Shoe Horning” in the online multiplayer environment is essential to keep the numbers high. I get great pleasure seeing people out of there comfort zone. Forza has too many I can’t do A class. I can’t do hyper cars. I don’t like global touring cars. [Mod edit - WSD - Profanity and alluding to profanity is against the ToS]

The only reason the leagues are failing is down to poor planning from t10 and poor community relations. In other words we get ignored.

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Too hard? Lol. Who get ignored? You get ignored? There’s s tiny handful or people in the leagues and a tiny tiny minuscule amount of people that race in those leagues that are in any way bothered about communicating with T10. People couldn’t care about the leagues bro. Get over it. People don’t like being shoe horned. They like searchable custom lobbies like forza 4.


If ESL were to do this, (which I think is very unlikely) who would be in charge of policing the dunderheads and wreckers? Only Turn10 can really do that

It’s not like anything is really being policed at this point. I think better curation of leagues would be worth it IMO.

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Dunderheads. LOL. We are showing our age my friend. You for mentioning it and me for remembering it.

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no they should not. The ghost leagues are decent lately. Good rotations, less Yas Marina and a good mix of classes. Do you remember C class times in a row? s class 3 times in a row. This nonsense stopped a while ago. I think the server issues are related to H3 and a reallocation of resources. That’s when weird stuff started to happen again. Game is out over a year, updates stopped, do not expect anything more.

I dont see how esl taking over anything would be a good thing. On one hand you have turn 10 who obviously dont play their own game to know what to choose or not and in the other youd have esl which most likely dont play forza either.

Id say some sort of voting mechanic should be added with some options as to what happens the next week. I dont see this being too diffucult. I also think this should be done in game and not on the forums because not many people come here.

I think theyd see a major increase in league players if people at least had an option to play what they wanted. Even if they dont let people choose all the leagues that week maybe at least one and call it the community league or something.

Regardless of what they choose to do it wont be for this game. Forza 6 is dunzo, has been for quite a while.

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I agree with you that in game voting system is the solution. But thats not going to happen over the next year while alot of us are stuck with what we have right now. Esl could easily run the leagues the way we want from there site which has over 3500 people signed up from forza

It was only a week ago people were complining of 1 quick stop on a 2 lap race. In the same thread cat school was in the ration with 1 quickstop. Nothing has changed for me t10 don’t give a dam about the leagues esl would put it out to the community and five people what they want with good planning.

@o2R Dsquared 07
The community choice league thread is ignored
People don’t like being shoe horned because it’s difficult. It’s much easier to drive a lb car or something there used to. I have more respect for someone who’s says I will race anything anywhere than 1 class pony.
Searchable public hoppers isn’t going to happen on forza 6. The leagues used to be very popular when triton was dealing with it. There is at least 1000 people in pinncle that would play if they were set up better that would double if a prize was up for grabs. Leagues are the best option for a serious player who wants to pick the controller up and find good racing.

At the end of the day giving esl control of the community monthly league has to be an improvment over the current system. People might think forza 6 is done, that leagues are a waist of time. That’s not how everyone feels I will be racing untill the next release and it would be nice to make the best of the time we have left and breath some life back into the leagues


I don’t pay much attention to the ghost leagues, but i’ve been liking most of the league choices for the race lobbies. But pinnacle is dead every week now a days, T10 might as well just merge pinnacle with the elite division at this point


Which raises another flaw. Ranking players based on"true skill" is not working. You end up with fast idiots in elite and empty lobbies in pinnacle. I believe just adding contact ( with other players/ the environment) would help. “if you average 5 contacts a race, then you are automatically demoted.” For example.

Leagues started off popular. There is a large group of the player base that crave clean racing. There are also players, including me, who prefer the “shoe horn”. Its a challenge which forces you to try new things.

It is my hope that the Forza RC has shown turn 10 ( or Microsoft which probably forced true skill on turn 10) that the series can’t continueue to do things how they’ve always done it.

I don’t agree with demoting people but time penalties at the end of the race or an extra pit stop as punishment would be ok imo. But even then how does the game determine who’s at fault and who’s not? or what if the two people who made contact with each other are both at fault? Overall that kind of system just seems like a potential headache to me. Codemasters has had something like that in their F1 games for a while now and it is by no means perfect.

Leagues were popular at the start yes, but they weren’t necessarily good imo. They were super short 2-3 lap sprints with no pit, it took many months before we got double/triple laps and pit stops, by that time it seemed the vast majority walked away because the leagues were no different then regular public lobbies.

I don’t have any issues with true skill, I just wish they showed your skill rating like back in the day so you know what you’re up against. But that would hurt too many people’s feelings I guess.

T10 have killed it by repeating past leagues, making the same blunder over and over again and ignoring the community. It’s true the leagues were extremely popular and choices havnt been too bad recently but for people to put up with the the “shoe horning” there has to be weeks were the leagues are popular. It’s called a “hook” you entise people with modern gt and global touring cars then bang it’s the c class fiesta. People will hate the fiesta but by that time they will have made friends and struck a patern of turning it on at 6pm and racing the regulars.

Esl will get it back to where it was and are in a better position to listen to the community if they are given the chance which is looking very unlikely. The more this game is neglected the more people will leave. It’s not done yet not if t10 stop the neglect

Why do you think ESL will do it better? The competition sucks and caters to only the top players. People still waiting for their packs from last time. . Bad idea.


They really need to get rid of the windows. I play from 5pm to 9pm est. The league is always closed for 2 hours of that time. Its plain stupid!!!

Probably a reason but they just have not told us what it is. Server maintenance or something is my guess.

But the hoppers don’t close.