Shortcuts in race? Nope..inb4WALL

So the game told us that we can use shortcuts in race etc…infact they advise us to use shortcuts if we can…SO WE DID.

and when doing road trips/cross country…everyone takes their own short cuts around the forest etc…only to hit a wall in the middle of a forest…[Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D]? and dont even get me started on getting around the damn wall…because its as good as going around the great wall of china…always ends up people who took the road ends up finishing and those who took short cuts not reaching the destinations at all.

In most cases it is trying to be realistic. In real life there would be unmovable objects in the way.

But what baffles me is if you know the road users will get there first then why not use the roads?


Offroad shortcuts work fine for me (usually :P).

Maybe you just need to play a bit more and learn where the walls are. Once you know this, it won’t be a problem anymore.


Free-roam doesn’t change the laws of physics. Solid matters are still solid. That doesn’t prohibit free-roaming and taking shortcuts.

Yes, it means you can use shortcuts. It doesn’t mean you can just drive in a straight line towards the finish.


Though sometimes this is a little annoying in some races. There are no barriers, you drive “off-road” towards the next checkpoint and the game says return to race route and if the supposed short cut is slightly length your screen goes black and it teleports you back to where you left the road. In this case, what’s the point of the openness when you can’t take advantage of it and still hit each checkpoint?

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lol @ great wall of china

It happens, I just laugh at it, gotta have fun man!

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More like Cobblestone Wall of France.

seems like a mod edited my first post? i used profanity? sorry i don’t remember exactly what i wrote…be cool if the mod could pm me what was used in the post that cause the edit…thanks