Shifting issue


I’m playing forza with my logitech g920 on manual shifting. I have a issue with shifting times as you can see in the following video. This make me miss my braking points etc… How can I solve this? Shifting times are very slow :frowning:

The link doesn’t work. I noticed that shifting times are slower in 6 compared to the older games, which does make things a little trickier. Are you using manual or manual with clutch?

Just manual

Hope this works

I have the same issue with the controller. At time I have to try and down shift five times before it works. I just end up turning off the controller and wait a min before I turn it back on again. Never had this issue with any of the other forza games. Hope it gets fixed soon.

It seems like to me, when you down shifted from 4th to 2nd that the car hadn’t had time to downshift to 3rd, maybe you thought you hadn’t down shifted and down shifted again sending you to 2nd. I noticed with a lot of the lower class cars, shift times were really slow, but more realistic. Have you tried with a higher class car, R class and up?

It happens no matter what car is used or what class the car is. I run layout 11 I think it’s with the shifter inverted.

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me as well i’ve definitely missed a few shifts due to this, we’ll eventually be forced to switch to manual w/clutch and buttons instead, patch probably not likely, brand new controller as well, although the elite controller may fix this…

It happens with both of my controllers so the game needs to get fixed. There are a few things in the game that need fixing. Would be nice if the digital tach read revs correctly. Could be worse. The game only crashed on me once so far. I just hope they Coke out with a patch for the game. When one pays $100 for a game there shouldn’t be many or any issues.

Can you make a video from your many issues?

Here is a comparison video of a friend and me. I am in the yellow M4. It is clearly visible at 4 to 5. Besides that I start earlier and he catches up to me due to faster shifting and reaching higher topspeed.

Also look at the downshifting.

I also have shifting issues with the thrustmaster and shifter. It lags really bad to the point the game makes a grinding gears noise and I have later received the damaged transmission warning.