Shelby 1000 2012-2012

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Porfavor pongalo es muy mitico el Shelby 1000 desde Forza Horizon 1 me encanto muchisimo porfavor saquelo para forza horizon 5 seria epico y mas haora con el 10 Aniversario de Forza Horizon porfavorr.un saludo desde Canarias :wink:


Please bring back this beauty. I had a lot of fun with it in Horizon 4.


I have no clue why the 1000 was removed from FH5 when it was in FH4, we have a big highway we can use it on now. Bring it back!


Ford Shelby 1000

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The Car in question

Last featured in FH4

But also present in FH1


Question though what’s the one on the Need Ford Speed Movie 2014 i thought the year of the mustang GT500 is 13 I’m curious i appreciate you correcting me still i thought there is a 13 though???

And if so is there a version of that that a Ford Shelby 1000 if not what will be the most powerful more close to that body style and i like to know exactly what mustang on the Need Ford Speed Movie 2014 is the one where Carroll Shelby passed trying to finish idk how really true it is but still would be amazing story right again is there a more newer more powerful Shelby mustang GT500 with that body style???

The one from the NFS Movie is a Heavily Modified 2013 Ford Shelby GT500.

A custom Widebody was fitted for the Movie and Performance upgrades were done including an engine swap to the 5.8L Supercharged V8 Engine used by Ford Motorsport which produced around 900hp, all work was done in-house by Ford.

Performance-wise the Movie Car is similar the the Shelby 1000 of this topic but it has 50 less HP, they’re both of the 5th Gen S197 Bodystyle too.

The Story about Carroll Shelby working on it and then dying is also fake, the car itself was built specifically to be in the Movie and Shelby had no involvement with it.

The 2013 GT500 is currently available in FH4/FH5 and FM7 already

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Yes totally agree plus the movie was a 2014 movie Carrol Shelby passed 2012 so i can see thats why they didn’t go fully true on that i understand the mess up scene too well. Still a good movie Forza Turn 10 or Playground Games Grand Trismo is making a movie can yall do a movie too also id love to share my passion for my story of my passion for cars and even people now adays thats racing i know a bit of the history of racing leagends too like Nikki Lauda or Ayton Senna, Paul Walker car culture icon, Carroll Shelby and more.

The Shelby 1000 that was added to Forza 4 would be a wonderful addition to Forza 5 my reason being how unique of a car it is the fact that it has 1,100 HP already from the start and the beautiful Shelby design added to the already S197 Mustang Body. I think it would be a a great addition to the list of drag cars & would be enjoyed by many.

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2014 Shelby 1000

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