Sharing CP on same xbox

Hi, ive purchased the forza 6 and im LOVING it! The only thing is, ive got a problem.
Me and my wife plays on the same Xbox with different acc.
And when she used the aniversial code for the 10 cars, i didnt Get them… And it says That i have already bought it, when i tried to Get it.
Then i bought the F&F pack, and downloaded That, and the same problem happened, but only the other way.
Please help, i would love too have the anniversial pack, and she would like the F&F pack… But how can We fix That?


Only the account that actually buys them gets them free in game
Other accounts on the console should get access to them but need to use ingame credits to buy them
As long as the console is set to home for each account
Would be crazy to use real money to buy them again just to get them free in game
The only time you need to do that is for the VIP pass
You can log on your account on and purchase them if you really wanted to pay real money for something you should already have access to