SHALB checking

Link to download sheet at bottom, please read what comes next, first.

  • I created this sheet using Open Office so it’s best to use that program to open it.
  • The class sheets’ sub-figures are all related to data above, so the totals in the sub-figures are not the totals relative to SHALB next to them. Sometimes the numbers will add correctly but they don’t have to.
  • Some cells have a line of code to remain blank until you choose (or enter) data in previous cells, so don’t be alarmed by a blank sheet.
  • “Compare” tabs have drop-down menus to select cars. Please use these menus as some cells pull data based on the official car names.
  • The car list is sorted by year first, then make, then model and trim.
  • Certain cells are locked but there is no password to unlock. I work with locks on my own sheets mostly to prevent mishaps.
  • I told you there is no password to tell you this: it’s not possible to sort and have locked cells (correlation to next note)
  • In the two tabs with “Compare” in the name (especially “Compare Upgrades”) the idea is to list a group of cars you desire to make competitive and sort by “Total/PI” in ascending order. This will place the efficient cars at top and the inefficient cars at bottom.
  • “Compare Upgrades” has 4 extra columns, enter the requested data in the first 3 of those. I’d love to have area under the curve representing power but that’s a lot of work for the end user.
  • With these extra columns the goal is as follows: as Total/PI descends and increases, make Wt:Pwr descend and decrease. Translated, the cars less efficient in extracting performance from their PI will get a power ratio reprieve and become more competitive with the cars at the top of the list. If you really want to be fancy, figure % difference between each car in the Total/PI column and make the same % difference in the Wt:Pwr column between each car.

This link will open the spreadsheet on MediaFire’s site but it doesn’t work well there. Click the download link and work with it in O.O. on your computer.
Forza Car Stats