[SGC_] MisshiftCelica Horizon 2 Gallery -= UNDERGROUND RACING kickpanel logo =-


message me for custom colors

MC! I hope you plan on bringing over some Supra’s!

STANMAN, One is in the booth getting a lovely shade of copper…


1st design shared
IND F10 M5 from the 2012 SEMASHOW

Painted this car in FH1 but didn’t do the carbon roof and front/rear bumper diffuser.
This time we have carbon roof, front splitters and rear bumper diffuser also chrome Eisenmann exhaust sticker.

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Hello Super Saloons Championship ride! I was hoping you would bring this back! Very nice work! What wheels are those?

Yeah it had to make a come back… I leave in 15 days for SEMA so I hope I’ll have lots of SEMA builds popping up on here shortly after. As for the wheels they are HRE S101

Looking really good mate! I can’t wait to see what else comes out of this thread. Keep up the awesome work.

forgot to mention your forzatography skills are pretty good aswell! pic in the OP looks real!

Just taking the shops 4 digit hp drag car for lunch and to target…
oh and 2 other 4 digit hp street cars tag along

This should give you a heads up of what is baking in the paint booth

Supra! I can’t wait to see this one mate.

Taking a day off the Titan Motorsports Supra…

I found myself missing a small detail on EVERY Lamborghini in my garage

2 turbo’s and UNDERGROUND RACING sticker’s along the kick panel

The UGR kick panel sticker is shared too btw, Cheers

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Looks nice mate, very clean and mean! Keep up the good work.

Just like Dr Dre said “Been gone away but now I’m back in the booth”

WIP Gulf Abarth 500 Esseesse

Helloooo mate. Long time :wink:

I’m really not a fan of that car, but with that paint…I am digging that a lot

Thanks Ben,

I honestly hate the car but I bought one for some reason or another and I needed a paint… Thanks for the words

looking good mate i do like a good gulf paint

Kinda stuck on the sides of Abarth… I don’t know if it needs more of something or not haha

maybe a small gulf logo just above the orange strip inbetween the door and rear arch, but on gulf car i like the term ‘less is more’