Several EventLab filtering additions

I did not want to create a separate topic for each idea, so I decided to list all my ideas within one topic:
-“Anything goes” filter in EventLab blueprint search
-An ability to create an EventLab race not only with “Anything Goes” option, but also with “Your current vehicle type” option, so all rival cars match the same vehicle type, that my current vehicle does. That is, like it’s done in all the standard Horizon races, except Steet Scene. And, also an ability to use this filer in EventLab search as well.
-An ability to specify multiple car types in blueprint editor, so you can create a confrontation between several related car types for example.
-An ability to override the vehicle class and type, specified in EventLab race by it’s creator. For example, the creator specified, that only modern muscle cars are allowed in this race, but you liked this route so much, that you want to pass this route on a Track Toy, for example. Or, the race is locked on A-class vehicles only, but you want to pass this race on S2 class vehicle.