Setups designed for Real drivers (especially for Steering Wheel, Pedals, etc.)


Over the last several decades I have had the opportunity to drive all kinds of fast cars (off road, on road, straight line, and sideways) as well as some fast boats. And, I have always loved racing (except for the cost). In order to cut some of those costs over the years. I also became fairly invested in Racing on the PC. I have an elaborate setup including an Accuforce Pro V2 direct drive wheel, Fanatec Clubsport V3 Pedals, Fanatec Handbrake, Thrustmaster TH8a Shifter and a Next Level Racing Motion Platform V2. This setup allows me to enjoy all kinds of racing games on the PC ranging from Simulation thru Arcade. After two weeks of trying everything I could think of the November 17th patch allowed me to finally get it all working in FH5.

One of the benefits of this setup is that it allows me to feel what the cars are doing as I toss them around the road circuits. With that in mind, I finally started seriously tuning cars about a week ago. I hadn’t intended to share them publicly except to share them with a buddy who I raced with way back in the Motor City Online days. But, when I did, several started downloading the setups and the likes are beginning to come in. So, rather than horde them, I figured I would share some of my Muscle Car S1 900 setups. These generally use AWD, the seven speed transmission and semi-slick tires as well as way too much horsepower. All were tuned using Simulation Steering and No assists. (You can use assists if you want to but I love rowing my own gears and going sideways when necessary). These setups also took me a couple days each to optimize. They are not just done by the numbers. Once the numbers get me close, I adjust them by feel.

For Old School Hemi Fans who enjoy driving (and nostalgia) , I present:

S1 900 1969 Charger R/T (OP Charger69) Share Code: 166 142 674
S1 900 1971 Cuda 427 (OP Cuda71) Share Code: 131 091 550

Please note: Both of the above setups are fairly heavy and have limited lateral grip, so don’t over drive them. Instead, drive them like you would a Big Block Camaro meaning do most of your slowing BEFORE the corners. Some Trail Braking is helpful. Too much is fatal. That said, once you learning the braking points, both cars are perfect for farming Goliath at approximately 13 minutes a lap. (and don’t forget manual shifting is an extra 15 percent payout even if it costs a few seconds…) I made those setups to challenge myself. Hopefully, you all will enjoy them as much as I do.

For New School Fans, who enjoy driving AND modern racing, I present my track weapon:

S1 900 2018 Camaro ZLE (ZL1 + 1LE) (FWYBUMBLEBEE) Share Code: 469 672 129

Please note: The Camaro is quick, stops on a dime, and it turns on rails but it relies on your racing skill. So, it is great for FAST laps on Goliath and it is also perfect for Online Racing. It is actually my favorite car to drive in the whole game.

Finally, I want to take the time to encourage folks who can afford it to get a compatible steering wheel and pedals so they can experience actual driving, and then, and only then, learn tuning. Far too many of our current tuners are focused on "World Records" and many of these supposed "fast" setups drive like the front of the car is on rails and the back half of the car is floating in the breeze. They may be quick, but in my opinion they don't feel anything like driving should and they certainly don't belong in an online racing environment. They are, of course, perfect for Rivals though.

Nice setups with good balance!

But there was not much left of the original cars. AWD`ed, Chevy-engine swapped in & wing added. Guess that what it
takes to be hot enough in this silly hypercar-game.

Me I`m mostly stickin to hotted up stock builds. Like this B-class stock engine NA-setup on street-tires, 5sp, code: 677 127 615
Mybe humble but still 600hp & decent grip/handling

A bit hotter, A-class. Still stock engine but blown, sportstires & 6sp, code: 431 385 739

  • a +200mph A-class car with decent grip/handling

Not easy to recreate a RT Chargers handling, the ingame Charger feels like someone has removed the shocks

Btw; my fav car so far has been the 1964 Impala SS. Turboed Corvette-engine + AWD`ed to hook up. Soft but fast!
Try this; code: 442 235 880 - matching paintjob: 115 175 063

Tried the Impala build you mentioned and thoroughly enjoyed it. The driving is absolutely engaging.

And, I totally agree when it comes to there being little left of the original rides in the builds I posted above. My main goal is simply to remain competitive in the older style cars. And, to do that, it is really hard to stick to the more purist builds. I did make a much faster RWD 2018CamaroZLE but it was simply too squirrelly for most to drive so I nixxed it. Still, I very much appreciate the feedback. Will post my S1 900 69 Camaro shortly…

As before, I have tuned primarily for Goliath but also Online Racing.

S1 900 1969 Camaro (OP Camaro69) Share Code: 454 733 138 (outdated)
S1 900 1969 Camaro (OP 69CamaroRev2) Share Code: 116 374 656 (improved 12/13/21)

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And, for the Ford fans among you, a very nice Boss 302 setup for Goliath and Online Racing…

S1 900 1969 Boss 302 Mustang (OP 69BOSS302) Share Code: 666 032 843

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Lotsa folk have been looking for a Ford GT '05 competitor… And, for a means of beating the unbeatable driveatars in a very controllable car.

S1 900 2018 Aventador SVJ (OP SVJ) Share Code: 264 451 029

Brake slightly early. Capable of 12:05 lap on Goliath. I personally use it to beat the Unbeatable Driveatars on Goliath in S1.