Setup values changing during multiplayer sessions


So I’m noticing an issue in multiplayer where setup values are changing mid server. Particularly front and rear spring rates. An example of this is I have my rear spring rate set to 105N/mm then the next time I’m in the garage the rear spring rate has changed to something higher or lower eg. 105.0N/mm > 101.9N/mm, or if it goes higher 105.0N/mm > 109.6N/mm I notice this immediately after changing fuel level. Changing them back to what they were or reloading the setup often leads to getting stuck “applying tune” and nothing will bring the game back. It’s a forced close and restart. It happens more often when the lobbies are near maximum capacity although can and does happen with 7 or so people present. It’s quite a frustrating issue especially when it happens 2m or so to event start. There’s no way to tell how many times you can reset suspension values before it does it either. Also it’s a varying degree of change too, It can be as low as 0.2 of a unit or up to 10.0 units

Any help with this would be very appreciated. It’s not a rare bug either, It’s happened to me at least 8 times in the last two days over about 10hrs of gameplay.

So in reality I’m reporting two bugs

  1. Set up parameters changing mid server.
  2. Correcting those values leads to getting stuck after hitting apply changes.

EDIT - I forgot to mention, I’m running multiplayer primarily in the Spec Touring Car Series. All the cars I’ve driven in said series over the last week and a half have suffered from this behaviour.

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