Set up a 037 like the showcase car

I loved driving the lancia 037 in the showcase (the balloon one) and im trying to find out how the one in the show case is set up. and one know where i can find this info or any one spent the time setting one up like it? all i figured out so far is that its the standard engine with the best cam up grade and its a class a 798. but i want to find out exactly what other upgrades were used and what the tuning set up was.

I wish we could get the details of the auto upgrade like we used to be able to in FH1 and older FMs. I have the feeling it could simply be an auto-upgraded 037?

Regardless, it was a heap of fun and setting up an 037 in this manner has been on my to do list as well. Staying tuned here to see how this goes.

You can get the details if you apply the auto upgrade (you can not get the details before you apply though).

Buy a fresh copy of the car. Auto upgrade to A and actually apply it. Go to custom upgrade menu and reset to default setup.

Then go through each part menu and on some of them it will say owned or install instead of giving you a price. They are the parts thst were used in the auto upgrade.

Yeah I did mean before spending the money on it :slight_smile: It was not a problem in previous games when the upgrades were free but right now I am just hoarding my money until I decide to splurge and buy all the cars I want, then I’ll really get into the upgrading.

Yep understandable.

If I have a good night tonight with credits I may buy one and auto upgrade and post my findings.

One simple test to work out if the showcase car may be autoupgraded is to check if the PI of auto upgrade to A is the same as the showcase. You can see the PI without committing.

Even if it is auto up graded it’s still a custom tune cause the suspension move a lot more that stock and the gear ratios are different from stock. The gear ratios are pretty easy to figure out and would only take a he or so to do but find in out all the suspension settings and the other things would just be hrs of trial and error.

I doubt its a custom tune.

I think the 037 uses max ride height when you put on race suspension…

Different gear ratios probably just means it is using a non stock gearbox.

I wouldn’t say custom tune. It’s still a stock tune it just differs from the stock tunes on other vehicles. None of the Showcase cars have user created tunes if that’s what you mean - they may have upgraded bits and pieces but the tuning has not been played with.

I’ve been stuck on the balloon challenge for weeks now - simply cannot beat the balloons to the finish line. Really interested to know what the tune is so I can build a version that beats those balloons.

so i havnt quite cracked it but iv got pretty close. i made a lancia 037 that handles/preforms pretty much the same as the showcase one. it dose feel slightly diffrent is some small ways but, i can beat times iv set in my other rally car which i think i run pretty [Mod edit- WSD - Profanity] quick (class A subaru) so the lancia 037 class a tune i have done will be quite compedative. so give it a go just use my gamer tag to find it. but if any one dose know the real set up and tune it would still be nice to have it

Played around a bit, couldn’t get mine all that close but once I had the racing supercharger in and it was wailing like a banshee I totally stopped caring and just drove around the whole map :slight_smile:

Great car, loved it since I was very young and Lancia wasn’t just rebadged FIATs and Chryslers. Now I think I might be going and supercharging everything I can haha, just can’t get enough of that sound.

So to replicate the showcase one its more about just duplicating the build? tuning will all be default settings is that what you mean?

I don’t believe the car has a tune on it other than what is for it considered “stock”. It may have been upgraded. In either case, you cannot change the car in any way for the showcase events. If you are struggling to beat he ballons, hopefully some of these pointers can help you out.

Go easy on the throttle, especially at the beginning and in the first couple of gears. You don’t want to waste time spinning tires. Also, if you use a little patience with the throttle and don’t simply mash to full power, you will be able to take a much better line through the corners without losing grip and sliding around. After the first right hander, you can take a shortcut through the trees to the checkpoint. After the second right hander be careful and try to take the corner on the inside but beware, too far in (or out) and you will lose precious time smacking into a tree or a wall. Really, it’s all about the throttle control and controlling the car so it is not siding around everywhere.

If you stick to the designated path, you are still able to beat all the balloons. None of the shortcuts are necessary for that. If you are still stuck, go into the pause menu - rivals tab - showcase events, and pick a ghost that is near the time you want to accomplish and follow them.

Yes, exactly. If you’d like to replicate the showcase cars, the hardest part will be figuring out the build. Did they use the auto upgrade feature or did someone come in and build it? Did they sit there and really think about the build and make something that apparently works really well together or is that a happy coincidence of them throwing parts on a car based on a pre-determined build ideology?

Sounds right to me, would be more build than tune.

I’ll confirm it is not just an auto upgrade, but it’s close.