Servers down

Servers aren’t working
Man I just wanted to hop into some online fun I remember doing it like a year or 2 ago why are the servers for multiplayer not working would really like some info and this to be fixed thanks :slight_smile: please bring the servers back up

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Been trying to contact support for the last week and half because the servers have been down since September 2022. They keep giving me BS automated responses like “limited support is still available for online matchmaking and leaderboard services.”

Like um, no it isn’t? Nothing works in the game anymore, it’s a terrible response, and I want a real answer. Forza support is also not great either. They also blocked my account on Forza support.

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I’m not sure if you’ll get the answer you’re hoping for. The servers for older titles were definitely gone around November 2021 and that’s the only answer we’ve gotten for them since.

Turn 10 is the developer, at the very least they should be able to say for definite what will and what won’t work.

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Well honestly from me playing fm6 for the past year, the servers went out around late September 2022. And yes I agree with you that they should tell us what should and shouldn’t work because they’re the ones who are managing the servers (but aren’t fixing the problem).

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unless you kept spamming the same request frequently, that is a very childish way to deal with you, just block you with no adequate response, pretty disgusting and unprofessional imo.

couldn’t agree more


Servers online March 9, 12am est!