Server - Constant disconnects from server

Lately it seems to be happening very often. Any time I am in a menu or fast travel, or use rewind I get a message that I have disconnected from the server. This plays havoc with rewind as I can only go back a very small amount. It will only go back until the warning, which is sometimes only about half a second.

I have a series X, 5ghz wifi, the router is about 4 metres away from the Xbox and no other games or media apps are affected in any way. My broadband connection is 230MBps and I live in Australia if that matters.

XBX via Ethernet, 70Mbps.

@Eeyore_Au we’re doing periodic check-ins: would you please confirm if this bug continues to be an issue after updates released since you first reported it?

Hi Max, it was still happening last night Aus time. My Xbox is now on an ethernet Cat 6 cable rather than wifi, I’m not sure if that changes anything.

@Eeyore_Au @Bonzpop checking in again, is this still an issue after installing recent updates?

its happening to me

I have the same problems . Continuous disconnections no matter what I am doing in game. Xbox series X, 100Mbps, it happens whether connection is ethernet or wifi.

All up to date
Series X
Still getting disconnected
Convoys don’t work
Trial doesn’t work