Server connection issues

I’m here looking to see if it’s just me. Obviuosly not.
Been talking in a party with a friend while doing our own things because we’d just disappear & disconnect every single time we tried to do something in a convoy.

Same on the xbox one X.

Windows 10 here and yea, lots of disconnects. I’ve been chalking it up to “launch issues”, since online games ALWAYS have server trouble at launch. Lots of people trying to connect at once. It’ll get even worse come Tuesday when the Gamepass people gain access.

Yup, having the same issues, can’t stay connected for more then 2-3 minutes. I’m on a Serise S with a 200mb wired connection and have had no issues with other games.

When I was playing yesterday I could barely stay connected at times. Though this seems to be only in free mode. The second I entered the PG Games on the festival playlist, I didn’t have a single issue throughout the whole game. Back to free-mode and then all the disconnects returned.

Playing from Romania on Xbox series X and had the exact same problem. If I’m in an adventure or eliminator the connection never drops but on freeroam it’s happening all the time. Very annoying!

Is there any way to change the server? The worst 50 bucks ever spent if they don’t fix it today.

I’m having the same issue. Constant disconnect form server, wired connection in the UK On Xbox, had the same issue with FH4 also but never any other games. Hope they fix it as you lose out on achievements as online events become unplayable.

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Same here. Staying in same place for few minutes loads players around me and some NPC Traffic. (If not showing 103894239847 times Connection lost)
Driving around then removes all the players and traffic wich results in empty roads.

This was best case so far with some ppl visible

Sounds strange but i miss the Traffic :smiley: bit boring driving alone on empty roads

Happens in Free roam. Racing in Events (Playground/Open/Tour) with other Players was fine and stable

Same here in Scotland.
Reset / Re installed and still no joy on both my XSX and PC.

same in germany

Brand new game and we are back to the issue that destoryed FH4 for a month, namely constant Horizon life disconnects…I really thought PGG/T10/MS would have learnt their lesson but sadly not.

Actually, the FH5 disconnects are worse than the FH4 ones as never once did I suddenly stop dead whilst driving at high speed like happens frequently in 5!

Same here on PC - Steam. Gigabit Fiber, Germany. FH4 running fine but FH5 is constantly disconnecting.

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I had zero faith after horizon 4 and its refreshing to see i was correct that the game would launch broken in some way but i didnt expect it to be a mode that has been working in the last game for years, good job.

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Same here in Korea. I’ve struggled over a day to find that how can I play game in online not only me, also my friends. I played almost 14 hours and one of my pal played for almost 22 hours since game released but because of the server problems, most of our play time is single-player mode.

It happens 3 Steam versions and 1 Window store version, 2 different ISP, 2 different types of speed which is 500mbps up/down and 1gbps up/down.

I had tried all options that supports, reddit and other community saids and also several solutions that causes the problem I assume.

I’m so tired of it, so I’ll giveup for now and I really hope that PGG/T10/MS will solve problems as soon as far they can, including some pixelization in-game screen, server connectivity issue, bad quality textures etc.

The disconnects are crazy, they need to fix this asap before tuesday, had 82 disconnects in1 hour and just had 6 in 1 min

I’m the same, lots of connections dropped, no issues with any other games except this.

Feels like I’m wasting my money on VIP :frowning:

It seems to be disconnecting less today.

i do get some connection drops when playing.
uk series x

iirc forza horizon 4 was never particularly stable either in this regard

Same here, Brazil.