Guys ive a problem and looking to know if someone can point me in the correct direction or shed me a bit off light here
Before we start i know its 50k combined for ledgendary tuner
But ive 34.240 and well over 20k in uses and like totaling to about 54k all in all and yes ive kept note off everything as it was a huge achievement for myself
But im still on elite can anyone shed me some light here please or who i can contact
Thanks so much

Just have to wait till it updates
You can’t contact anyone
Not sure you can class that as serious either


Like ratios may affect the status as opposed to just counting as one more towards 50,000. Plus, servers are being weird because of the Hot Wheels expansion debuting tomorrow, so take that into account as well.

When I added up my downloads + uses+ likes my legendary painter still did not pop until i was at a total of over 51,000.
It did eventually appear but since there is no actual fact on whats required it is possible that likes dont count…if I did not include likes it would have been closer to 50k.

Its just a guess based on heresay.

I would consider it serious if thats your purpose for playing.


(Deleted comment)

Cheers guys woke up this morning 700downloads 612use and still nothing dammit :frowning:

Just had another look still on elite with 41k downloads anyone else shed some light

Shows up legendary when I pull your storefront up…