SeriesX strange look

No idea what’s going on here

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Looks like the car is ghosted, and the game sorted things incorrectly, making it impossible to resolve the semi-transparent car with the water, and the water with the bed of the quarry. Transparent surfaces may cause problems like this since once the color of one surface is resolved with the surface behind it, it’s not possible to resolve the color of another surface that’s in between the two.

There are workarounds like depth sorting transparent surfaces and deferring them to draw last, but even that can fail if the sorting fails. With the cars, I think they’re drawn in normal order even when ghosted, so all sorts of weird things can happen. While the Xbox One and Xbox Series use tile-based deferred referring, it doesn’t do per-pixel depth sorting, but per-polygon depth sorting, so it can’t work around this problem elegantly. Per-pixel sorting can be very slow.

This is also part of the reason why trees use dithering instead of alpha blending.

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Make sense. Great Answer!
Was thinking in same direction but no idea it looked like the light of the car behind me was projecting a texture onto my car

Turn rust setting OFF lol.


By the way you reminded me that there’s a strange new error on the Xbox One…

Happens every time by the castle.


Turn drunk setting OFF lol.