Series x disk drive but only basic FH5 on disk

Im curious as to why the most expensive version of the xbox has a disk drive, but only the cheapest version of the game is available to pre order on disk?

Its not a moan, i have infact already pre ordered the premium edition. But as i have every Forza on disk including the original motorsport i would have preferred to be able to get FH5 premium on disk.

Its also making me question if buying an xbox x is worth it over the S if i can’t get what i want on disk.

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It depends what features you are looking for. The drive is good if you have a lot of Xbox 360 backwards compatible titles on disc. It also plays 4K Ultra HD blu rays if you are into collecting physical copies of movies in 4K.


The Series S also has half the hard drive space, which is already not really enough in the Series X.

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There’s a performance difference between the Series S and X. Honestly l dont get why MS even released the Series S. It’s a gimped version of the next thing. So you’re going forward but not all the way and only save like a 100 bucks, bleh.

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As a casual gamer that only plays FH4 & FM7, I didnt want to spend £200 more, so bought an S.

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I think it has been a tradition like that since previous titles.

It doesn’t matter in my case, I don’t play a lot of games.

Simple, it’s because not everyone is rich. Price of Series S is 30% discount of the Series X. If a console will stand forever, I mean alive, I’ll go straight to Series X. I’m still thinking, or considering, if I get a Series X, suppose if I can buy one, they’re like always either out of stock or priced raised, I probably will never connect it to a 4K TV before its lifespan. Series S is what I need. However, the lack of disc drive does drive me away from it. I can only say, the company is… clever? Or… I don’t want to say it. I may eventually getting a Series S, or eventually not getting both.

Series S is a 40% discount off of the Series X.

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Also the Series S makes a very appealling option for people who have a PlayStation as their primary platform but want to try Xbox games. I know I’d be very tempted by a PS5 if it were launching at £249, even at 1080p.

The primary reason is likely because the whole industry is moving away from offering physical discs all together. Digital is the preferred future form of all entertainment media and producers of content are giving people incentives to buy digital media instead of physical media.

I’m definitely disappointed at the lack of a physical version of the Premium Edition.
I enjoy adding hardcopies to my Forza Horizon/Motorsport physical collection.
The end of an era, I suppose. :frowning:

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I buy everything on disk… even if I already own it digitally. I buy a Blu Ray of everything that I owned on DVD. I buy Steelbooks of films even if I own the Blu Ray version already.

I want FH5 on Disc…

…I have Game Pass, and I haven’t downloaded a single game…

…I’m a Magpie.

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