Series 3 Happy New Year Jan 6th New Trailblazers, BLAH

Seriously, new trailblazers? The most hated thing about FH5 and this is what we are getting, would be nice to get some new drift zones, something that is actually enjoyable to play.


And yet others really hate drift zones. Remember, they aren’t making this game just for you.

We’re also getting more clothes and horns, just what everybody loves and wants :stuck_out_tongue:


Trailblazers are a waste of time it’s true.

Man the trailblazers was my No. 1 hated feature. I hated it the moment I played first time in Fortune Island. While Drifting I have grown to like, I still have same hate towards Trailblazers.


I dislike Trailblazers and Drift Zones almost equally. Trailblazers are, at least, less obtrusive additions to the map than Drift Zones.

I agree, the visual clutter from these two “events” is the main reason I chose to completely restart the game and now will never open the “Stunts” festival site. No “driftzone” flags on my map, no TB start lines, no speed traps or speed zones, either. I miss none of them in the slightest. (I do, of course, have one of each of these events, they unlock with the main festival site).

I do have one regret about this choice - I cannot participate in the Trial. While often frustrating, the Trial can be an enjoyable part of FH5. I wish PPG would offer a second way to open the Trial, without the “Stunts” festival site. Not a huge loss, at the moment.

I do quite like most of the trailblazer events. I would really rather do Trailblazer events than drifting events. Now, what I really dislike is the Eliminator events.

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Since they fixed the eliminator I have learned to really like it, still prefer anything to do with drifting but eliminator is a fun side event I like to play now.

these might be the trailblazers needed for completing the past seasonal event! LOL

i hate drifting and love trailblazers

im happy

I see a lot of people hate drifting nearly as much as trailblazers, but I wonder how many of the Drifting haters are using AWD vehicles with traction control (TCS) activated.

A lot of hardcore drifters will use RWD cars without TCS, but AWD can be used as long as TCS and is turned off.

I couldn’t believe the difference after seeing this mentioned while stuggling in FH3 a long time ago.

Just get a good little car like the Formula Drift BMW or similar and you are good to go.

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I don’t use TCS 99.9% of the time whether drifting or not. I have done drift zones with both RWD and AWD. I’ve done them with Automatic and Manual. After they altered the drift zones, I got 3 stars on all of them. I had 3 stars on all of them on Fortune Island. Whether or not I can do them doesn’t change that I don’t like doing them.

And I really wish you could turn them off (as well as speed zones) when you’re not working on them. They interrupt general driving and are an annoying nuisance.


Exactly to all of this, but I do like driving through drift zones to test how well I can control cars and whether I can come out the other end without a single point. This isn’t every time, though, and there are plenty of occasions when I wish they could by switched off.

As for trailblazers, they make me like drift zones a little bit better, which shows how much I like trailblazers.

And I really wish you could turn them off (as well as speed zones) when you’re not working on them. They interrupt general driving and are an annoying nuisance.

Agreed!! Especially the way it overrides the GPS so you get to the end of the drift or speed zone, then it tells you to turn around because your intersection was in the middle of the stupid thing.

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I got a better idea: how about some new races.

There are far too few in this game. Some new start points for making custom races would also be a massive boon.

But I have to agree, new trailblazers is a bit of a slap in the face.

It’s like PGG is saying “We definitely could add new stuff to the game. Isn’t that awesome! It’s so awesome we’re going to add some obtuse stuff as opposed to the core of what people buy the game for!”

When I first heard about new content getting added to the game, I lived in fear that it was going to be ancillary fluff. Guess my fears are coming to fruition.


I am for anything but more trailblazers.

Where did the info come from that mentioned new trailblazers?

In the coming soon section of the playlist, last page.

Many people hate drifting way more than trials. I dont like one or the other. I mean, trials i really dont care, they are really fast to complete, but i cant stand drifting.

So, no sorry no more drifting zones. Also why??? dont you have hundreds of them already??? some people amaze me.