Series 3 - Happy New Bugs Year!

So, anyone else have series progress already scored without doing a thing ? I have 10 points to the series already. 4 points for Summer with the Daily “Check This Out” and Horizon Tour auto-completed (tell me it won’t interfere with any other challenges completing), and 3 points in each Autumn and Winter (also the Horizon Tours I’m guessing). Joy…

EDIT : Confirmed on auto-completions when I pulled away from house… popup notifications of Daily “Check This Out” completed and Horizon Tour completed 3 times.

The team is aware of the Horizon Tour bug but we don’t have an immediate fix at this time.


Are you as surprised with the amount of bugs in every season as much as we are?


Thanks for the update ManteoMax !

I’m a player too and feeling the pain along with the rest of the community. The team is back from holiday break and working on a variety of fixes, some of which relate to the same bugs affecting multiple features. When there’s an ETA on those I’ll let you know.


At least you can get all the new car. People like me that didn’t have the Live can’t get any of the second reward car. That’s are a real pain went you realise that you bought the game instead of get it free with the pass and you get less. What a good wait to thanks the poeple that really bought the game.

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If you can afford at least an xbox one and base game you should have easily afford Live. Or build a Pc and you wont need live at all.

Or take advantage of the Microsoft rewards scheme to build up enough points to pay for Live Gold each Month. Personally, I earn 12,000 points a month minimum (enough for GPU) through a few minutes on the website each day, doing all my searches through Bing and whatever Game Pass Quests are around.


Just FYI… Game Pass IS NOT free and IS buying the game too.

if you have hour to waste you can read through the known issue list on the support page!


LOL ! You have too eh ? I keep hoping actual fixes and solutions will be posted. And my habit is BEFORE trying anything (like an accolade or story or ANYTHING) I’ll reload the page and have a quick search to see if I should even bother or if whatever I’m thinking of playing is bugged. Then of course even after that sometimes I find something is still bugged. Then I’ll reload the page again, search again to see if it’s been reported, and then (I used to) report it in a ticket. Lately I wonder why I bother when they seem to result in an insulting (imo) rubber stamped “We’re marking your ticket SOLVED” when what they really mean is they’ve acknowledged it is a bug and they haven’t actually solved anything.

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I have bought the game and have game pass and still been online on my series X and the map is not populated at all cannot join the trial or any other multiplayer games , In most cases I would think the servers are down or am I out of range of a server , Are there any servers in the UK, And do the servers provide traffic cars when online because I rarely see any evan in the town or on motorway, maybe there’s just too many players , Seems to me that anything not running of my series X is BUGGED and after almost 2 month’s continueus play these problem’s should be fixed , Or is this going to happen every time the season change’s If so it’s a waste of time buying the game outright , might as well just have used the FREE version on game pass,

I’d like to clarify for some who keep saying it is “FREE” on Gamepass.

Gamepass is a subscription service amd allows you to play a multitude of games just like a Netflix subscription allow you to watch a multitude of movies.

Subscriptions are not free and anyone saying any content within a subscription is free is flat out wrong. If you stop your subscription you lose the right to play the game, if it was “FREE” you would still have the game to play.


I totally agree, Nursemorph. Between the computer based daily reward activities, the bing (and edge) searches, the console based xbox rewards and the console based xbox game pass rewards, I also get enough points to not only get Game Pass Ultimate for no out of pocket costs, but also manage to get a couple of top notch games a year at no additional cost as well. There is also the Microsoft Ambassador system that rewards you for doing some nice things toward others. I manage to get a free month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate every 3 months.

So yeah, there are ways to do accomplish this without having to pay out of pocket.


Not necessarily a series 3 bug but a combination of other things. Last night I did the two Playground Games missions (complete a game and infect someone). They were marked as done in the festival playlist. Got up this morning and the server wasn’t available. Once I was able to connect to it, everything looked fine in the festival playlist missions. Did a couple of arcades and the game froze in the middle of one and then eventually closed and went back to the Xbox home screen. Restarted FH5 and the two missions were no longer marked as complete. So I attempt again. Infect 3 people, our team wins King and then between matches it decides that I ranked up on prestige. Quickly try to cancel the spinning wheelspin but by the time it is done, the match moved on without me. I’m all alone in the playground with a message saying that an event is in progress and I will join when it is done. But eventually I get booted out of the waiting and back into free roam. So I have to do it yet again.

PGG needs to disable wheelspins when players are in the middle of an online activity like Playground, Horizon Tour, and the Trial. I know that others have had similar issues. Just have it level up in the background and then the player can use their wheelspins next time they go into the game menu.

There was no major patch since the beginning of Series 2 (at least not that I know of). So the unfixed bugs will still remain.

What happened to “Playground, I Quit?”


Nothing. I quit the game, not the forums.


Ah. I see.

Interesting choice.

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More snidey remarks… lol.

Just because someone stops playing doesn’t mean they aren’t allowed to maintain an interest in the game and community.