Series 26 Ranked Games Still No Points When People Quit

I know people quitting out of Ranked Games has gone unpunished by Forza for many months now, but the series 26 update seems to ENCOURAGE quitting, because we can now enter games with less than 12 people! If I have a 6 person convoy but the other side only has 4 or 3, even ONE player, they’re even more likely to quit the match!! .

So what is the purpose of Ranked Games now? Is it just Unranked Games, except if you lose a game and everyone happens to stays in, then you lose 100+ points or more? Is there some sort of cogent LOGIC for letting people quit without penalizing them, and even worse, penalizing THE REST OF THE PLAYERS IN THE MATCH FOR ONE PERSON’S ACTIONS??? I’ve never known a game to have rules like this, so is there any point to playing Ranked Games anymore? The more wins I get with ZERO POINTS, the more broken my account seems to get, as on the rare occasion I do get points these days, they are usually in the single digits.

I hope Forza will seriously consider reverting the points system to what it was, where quitters were actually penalized. Punishing 11 people for 1 person’s actions is just ridiculous.


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this error has existed for many months. PGG are unable to correct the error or do not want to correct it (I type on 2.).
According to the “well known bug list”, the error only occurs with some players.

the rule is simple: if a player leaves the race, there are neither plus nor minus points.
only if all players stay in the game: then the points that are displayed at the end count.

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Its disturbing that developers have let this bug go so long. Fix the points system, punish players that quit or nobody will play anymore.

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If people raced properly instead of RAMMING all the time less people would quit. i myself have quit when being ganged up on by rammers. why keep racing when being bullied by idiots.

It’s disturbing enough that the developers have ignored this problem so long, yet clearly they’re paying attention to ranked games since the last update has made matchmaking in games MUCH faster like they said it would. So WHY does Forza allow people to get away with quitting.out of games without losing points or getting some type of ban (e.g., 1st offense 3-hour ban, 2nd 12 hour, 3rd 24 hr, etc). If they think there’s logic in that, I could even say ok fine, except Forza then PUNISHES THE 11 OTHER PLAYERS IN THE GAME for that 1 person’s actions??

If no one is gaining/losing points when someone quits, then that game is not ranked anymore, that is now an UNRANKED game. Since the purpose of playing ranked no longer applies when someone quits, then better to CANCEL THE GAME so everyone who DID stay can go back into matchmaking to find a new game where there is actually something to gain/lose.


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