September content update version 1.141.192

Really, another retro GT car? I mean don’t get me wrong, I do like those cars, but this has got to be the 5th or 6th one in a row to come with an update. Can we at least get some variety with these spotlight cars, maybe some more modern GT’s?

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Or maybe next time it just wont be a reskin

I wouldn’t mind if it was a Trans Am Mustang or a 320 Turbo, but the Skyline Super Silhouette, however relevant it is, is almost the same thing as the Bluebird, so it feels like we got nothing this month.

And… they got the sound wrong. They used the generic 6-cylinder Skyline sound instead of the 4-cylinder you find in cars like the Lancia Montecarlo or the Capri. I think that whoever is doing the audio assets for this game needs to realize we want accurate, not showmanship. “Ah, it’s gonna be cool to give it the RB26DETT sound” Forget it, if the car has a turbo I4, then give it a turbo I4 sound… Gran Turismo isn’t quite there yet, but with Kaz making strides on audio work, I’m surprised Turn 10 didn’t get the message yet.

Nevertheless, I’m happy some people like the car, as it had some presence in the Gran Turismo games. If it makes people happy, I’m all for it.

Project CARS had plenty of input and testing from crowdfunders. On release, it was incredibly buggy.

Rushing things got us cars with missing and/or non-funcional parts before. I’d rather Turn 10 triple-check everything with their recent record. :frowning:


I have to agree with the sound. One of the main reasons I switched to Forza is their accuracy with sounds. But in this game, despite they’ve got pretty good sound effects, they’ve also got many engine configuration sounds wrong. Almost GT level wrong.

Whoever was in charge this time around has no idea, or very little knowledge on cars. Just listen to many of the Alfa Romeo models. Most of them have 6-cylinder sounds, when they should have 4-cylinder sounds. The worst about this is that most of these cars have been in previous games and they were accurate.

There is also an insane amount of repeats. I get it there are a lot of cars, but it does show negligence.


Project Cars has the excuse of crowd funding making delays extremely costly. Microsoft clearly just wanted the game out on the 2 year schedule and out in time for the One X. The result is fixing a game for a year that is still troubled now. I would definitely agree they should triple check everything and take time to get updates right but at the same time, they seem to be adding new features instead of fixing the current issues. Very worrying from a first party developer. Multiplayer is broken in so many ways and that appears to be where people spend most time in gaming these days. I know many players who have simply shelved the game or sold there Xbox to buy a PS4 for GT Sport due to the state of multiplayer.

Lately several competitive Forza RC players have dropped the game. When the hardcore are leaving it points out the issue even more

Sad to see the penalty system missing from this update. Track limit update is just punishing clean drivers even more by following them at Rio or Prague for example. I hope ghosting of backmarkers becomes a reality when the new system eventually comes into play.

I can see the other features being great auditions for those interested but as for myself this update is only another car.

The fixes in the past to car selection seem to be broken again lately and I am hopeful that this is fixed again. Game locks up regularly for 10-15 seconds after waiting for the track to load giving you no time to change tunes or consider a car for the next race.

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I would love for the ability to do wheelies off the line and have drag suspension added to the game

It clearly took some time but imo Forza 7 is heading the right way. They needed a while to realize that the released product went completely wrong (loot boxes with its car tiering system, VIP-rip-off, no class hoppers, etc.) but are trying to turn it around.
Sure, I would’ve loved to see the penalty system as soon as possible but since it’s one of the most important and most requested multiplayer systems I’ll give them the time - but then I expect quality!
By that I mean you should never benefit from cutting corners and a way better ghosting system. Perma-ghosting lapped cars would improve multiplayer significantly. They ruin my races a lot more often than first-turn wreckers or over-aggressive drivers.

Maybe in 4 months multiplayer will be a more pleasant experience. Nowadays it still can’t hold a candle against GT Sport.

On this update only the Skyline is interesting to me. Gave it a good amount of race time back in Gran Turismo, awesome car.

I dont drag race at all. Not my thing. But i do love what they did to improve it. Makes a whole lot of sense.

More gt cars, new or old, is always welcome.

The way that director said last night on how they had to push it further made ne think that it is close. But not there yet. I am talking about regulations.

I also rather get it earlier so that way they would get more data on what to tweak and how much. It is a two sided coin. I am also tempted to buy ps4 and race in gts. However this new regulation i will give it a change in launch and also wait for initial hotfixes after it.

My mind is blown, Skyline Turbo Super Silhouette, what an amazing car. Experimental drag mode looks good too, all in all Turn 10 is investing in FM7 and the community and I dig it.

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While its nice to see the Skyline Group 5, its a massive shame the livery is missing key sponsors just like so many other cars in game. Smaller games don’t have this issue with liveries or are Turn10s licensing department THAT bad?

If any of those sponsors are alcohol/cigarettes, then it’s probably not a licensing issue.

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Its Tomica, a toy car brand.

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Yeah! I thought it looked a little “empty”. Any painters fixed it yet?

I found a few last night.

Considering the breadth and uniqueness of Forza’s vehicle roster, I wouldn’t consider the licensing team “bad” by any stretch of the imagination.

Either way, your concern is nothing a robust livery creator can’t fix.

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I’m showing 1.06GB update on Xbox one X.

How many times have you wanted to load up a track in Forza Motorsport 7, grab your friends, and just hang out, with no time limits to worry about? Now you can with Meetups. This new feature lets players load into either a pre-existing Track Day hopper, or create their own private hopper, and invite friends in for some on-track fun.”

Not seeing a “Track Day” hopper, anyone else?

Is it just me or has the update deleted all ghosts? You can set a rival but the ghost won’t appear, and if you try to watch the replay of your rival there comes a error message about an invalid file

Yet another update and still the game keeps crashing over and over and over again.

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