Seperate front and rear rim and tyre customization

It would be cool if they would add this. Think of it like the double seperate wheel size and width icons but then also for rims and tyre type too. Why? Well because I find jt weird to have drag tyres on the front wheels of a RWD car or vice versa for a FWD. For AWD we can just choose the regular tyre type icon for both.

Seperate front and rear rims selection would be nice too, especially for drag and drift cars.

It would further allow us to customize our cars more and make them look more like how people modify their cars irl.

hell yeah, it was very common to see hot rodded muscle cars with mismatched wheels, because many people had their regular wheels for cruising and a separate set of rear slicks for racing


It’d be nice to be able to mix and match different front/rear wheels together.

Ooh yes! Would be especially good for drag builds and muscle cars :smiley:

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The hoonigan “cossie v2” had two separate painted rims. One set was black, one was white. It would be cool to do that to other cars.

Good idea :+1:

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And the Gymkhana 10 Ford Focus RS RX has 2 different wheels

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Really? I had not noticed that one.
Good eye!

Also the 8

Well, a lot of cars have if you count cars like the F40 and Hoonigan RWB Porsche. I can’t list them all but deep lip rear wheels is common on those cars. The devs can do it but we can’t (yet)


Would be nice, but it’s likely not going to happen for this game, it’d be pretty complicated to calculate the effects of one combo set of Rims, as well as the UX implementation of that feature

Shouldn’t be too hard with the current UI. Just add 2 seperate rims menus for front and rear. The UI would get cluttered with 3 rims menus, but oh well. Hopefully that will be fixed with the “built from the ground up” FM8. It’s needed!

NFS:Unbound has it, so there is clearly no issue from a development point of view.

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Heat had it too.