Send all issues and grievounsous to

I am seeing a lot of Mods saying thank you for your feedback please send it to this address.
Figure we should have post to save time and trouble.


Finally had a response many days later.This was the reply.I cut out my email info but this was a cut and paste.Just saying this is what i got.

Longtime supporter of Forza,But the way you stripped this version of what made it great is truly sad.All the new features 4k 700 cars weather are what you guys seem to promote.But the fans that have spent alot of money over the years are really upset that you forgot about your base fans like myself since 2007.I wont make this a missing feature email but you know what im talking about.

Does it drive great? No doubt,but releasing a AAA title of a game that for the hardcore money spending supporters of such a proud franchise feel empty inside.Dan always talk about passion and the like well F7 lacks that passion.Feels like a money grab.Im guessing just sell a few million make your M$ money and get ready for F8.

I know i wont get a reply and thats typical Turn 10 style.But just know that im not alone.My $100 UE is going back to amazon.Your turning your hardcore racers away and all in the name of the mighty dollar or the mighty MS control.Eitherway its bad because social media can ruin your sales front end or back end.I hope you understand that when you look at the year end numbers.

Thanks for turning away a 10 year supporter

Forza Website Feedback
Oct 16 (2 days ago)

to me
Thanks for reaching out and providing your feedback about the game. We are always listening to the community and looking for ways to improve the game. While we don’t have any specific to share right now, please keep an eye on our news section on our website. News - Forza

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I did this. I didn’t even get so much as an automated reply.

Here’s my email body:

This was sent prior to the VIP response letter posted by Mr Hartman, and prior to my refunding of the game.


@ desrtfox071

I am still amazed that this has happened to Forza, makes so angry and sad at the same time. I am sure you will eventually get an automated generic email response. Post back if you do

If we needed a thread with this information then we would have posted it.


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