Selling cars ?

Its disappointing that selling cars price still is tooooo low as 500CR ?.. I have been awarded 1.1 Mil CR valued Bugatti and I don’t want to use is. So as in real life; I want to sell what I don’t use/want in real life for the value, It must be the same for the game, at least we should be able to sell it %60 of the price… But shame… Missing Forza Auction House…

Gift cars generally speaking, tend to be low value, to prevent players from being too rich, but the game offers a way to be rich, based on loyalty.

So yeah, i see your point, but i can tell you from experience, being able to just buy the fastest cars, and slap on parts, takes some life out of the game. That you simply cannot get back.

I was cursed in forza 4 by the billionaire bug. It ruined the game for me. Being able to just buy cars at will, gave me nothing to strive for. Many of us, took it upon ourselves to just waste our ill-gotten gains, by buying hundreds of cars, and then selling them back to the game at a loss.

This was no fun either.