Selling a large variety of rare cars including a Rip Rod and more Wheelspin/Mission Exclusives!

Edit: Not selling it anymore

If you still have the Boneshaker, how much would you like for it?

Edit: Not selling it anymore

Is the lotus Elise 111s or 73 firebird t/a still available? If so how much ?

Pontiac was just sold, Elise 111s is still available. 15 mil for it.

How much for the RipRod?

10 million.

I’m interested in Ford Falcon XB, how much do you want for it?

They seem to be pretty damn rare so would like 10 million out of it, might be willing to drop it a little bit though.

If you still have that gymkhana 10 fiesta st I will buy it??
Rusty Dipstick3 on xbox???

Only have 1 and I never seen anybody with them so I’d want about 20 mil for it, might also accept some of the pre-order cars for it, message me if you’re willing to pay that.