See You in Another Life! achievement not unlocking

Hi, yesterday I finally nailed the last event from the “Go Hardcore on Storm Island” bucket list: Drive Through the Fog in the Corvette C6 ZR1 (I had already completed all events on “Take on Storm Island!”).
I was celebrating jumping around :smiley: because it took me weeks to successfully pass this event, and I didn’t notice if there was an achievemnt pop up.
When I went to have a look in the achievement app, I saw that while its completely green/completed and there’s a message stating “done! unlocking…” the achievement is still in the locked achievements group.
On the map all 8 events have the green/completed mark.
Today the situation remains the same, any suggestions?

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Just an update.
After booting this afternoon there was a synching message, it didn’t solve the probleme.
I re-did the event, after 15 times I succeed but the achievement didn’t pop up.

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I am having the same issue. i completed all bucket list and the achievement shows 50%

I know this is an old thread but I ran into this issue as well. I just finished the Audi Quattro bucket list as my last one for Storm Island’s bucket list but noticed I didn’t get the achievement either. It says 87% (meaning one is missing but I’ve done them all). I even tried re-doing the Audi one and still nothing. Does anyone have a fix for this?

EDIT: About an hour after I posted this, my achievement popped when I was at Home. I’ve had this issue happen before but usually it would be 100% - Done Unlocking. I’ve no idea for a solution other than to wait and hope it unlocks randomly for you all.

I have problem with two achievements, Stone Cold Skiller - earn 65 skill points, i have all skill points. Second is Storage Hunter i have 10 cars and achievement dont show up.