Sebring 1.2 hrs Lobby

Can anyone tell me how to change from R class to P class in the Sebring Endurance lobby?

Select the tile which displays your gametag in the lobby, press ‘A’ and select ‘Change Class’ … worded something to that effect.

See that is what I figured I should do but it doesn’t give me that option
It only says show gamer card. That’s what has me confused

You might have to wait until the previous race is finished.

I believe that in public lobbies, just like ABC’S are, you cannot change your class. It only works in custom lobbies.

Wow - I haven’t played FM5 for a few months so missed this new lobby. Is the 1.2 hour of Sebring still going on?

No, sorry man I saw it yesterday but it was gone today!:disappointed:

thanks! That sucks but that’s what I get I suppose for playing GTA and not checking the boards. Oh well.