Seasonal PvP rewards aren't being given

Won 2 different seasonal PvP events today, and both times the wheelspins and super wheelspins aren’t being rewarded at the end. Also some issue with the matchmaking, went to do super salons event and got matched in the sky fall event, and vice versa.

I never got the spins either, seems it’s glitched for some at least.

Yeah i’ve won 3 times now and still haven’t got my spins

Same here. Won the trial thanks to Uber Understeer but did not get the spins.

I only got them when I won ALL of the races (is in 1st) then I got the super wheelspin and wheelspin.

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Either the discription is wrong, oh theirs a bug, cause to get the super wheel spins, they say finish 1st or 2nd in the championship, depending on which event