Seasonal events not working

Hi everyone,

I recently upgraded to gamepass ultimate. Previously I did not have Xbox live gold. This is the first time playing the game online. I decided to upgrade to do the seasonal events and they are all in red. I can play rivals which is green and the qualifier. This was red before going online. It says they go live in 4 days but the season will be over. I can enter eliminator. Also my hourly forzathons are not working. As soon as I went live I had one then nothing. I used to be able to access them before getting gold but also nothing. I am playing on Xbox One S. Any idea what is happening? I created a ticket in the past but they weren’t much help telling me to do all these resets.

Thank you

It is hard to connect currently and players are booted constantly. You are not missing much.

Is it saying ‘Quick Resume’ in top right?
Then use close app and start game again