Seasonal bonus for Forzathon Points

For the past month of seasonal bonus I’ve completed the fall, winter, and summer, I didn’t get the 60 forzathon Points for each of the 3 seasons and I want to whats going on about that.

Please submit a ticket

We have submitted numerous support tickets on this issue.

I submitted one, over 3 months ago; which I updated with screenshots for 10 weeks. It took 5 weeks & a DM, before you reasponded; then it was transfered to someone else, who closed it as solved.

Other players have also submitted tickets & have had them closed. Despite all the tickets, this bug has never been listed as awaiting a fix?

I deal with the ‘Suggestions and Feedback’ tickets. The support team & Turn 10 deal with the others. If you are not getting a response or a ticket has been unnecessarily closed, it is best to message @NitroGlitter