Searching for a Squad / Team

Im on the search for a drifting team, or squad whatever you wanna call your group, to drift with and maybe do comp drifting if it ever comes to FM7 in the form of ESDA or mini tournaments set out by the the drifting community.

With the current state of no public lobbies Im finally breaking down and willing to join a team, mostly to have people to drift with who aren’t complete trash and can hold a line without spinning out every other time.

Have been an avid RWD Forza drifter since FM3 all the way until present. Dabbled in comp drifting in FM4 but the team i was on wasn’t very good so it put a sour taste in my mouth. Been a great public lobby stomper since FM5, both in leading in points, and being way ahead of the pack every time out.

If your on a team and its recruiting, feel free to hit me up to try out, or just to drift you guys. Same goes if your a solo drifter right now, need someone to drift with just hit me up.

GT: StevenSlice

Hey bud, I’m also looking into competing in ESDA next season and currently searching for a team as well. I’m definitely down to get some tandem practice in with you though! GT-hoodnephilim

I’m down for that as well.